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Hi new drop pilot here with questions



Jul 15, 2013, 10:48 AM
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Hi new drop pilot here with questions Can't Post

I was advised to join and post to this forum by one of our local jump clubs. I am new to this type of flying, but I have over 1000 PIC hours in single engine with rotorcraft add on. I live in central Illinois and was wondering if I bought a helicopter would there be an interest in this area for jumps, what would be the rate that jumpers would be willing to pay, and how often? The helicopter is an Enstrom and I need at least $400 per hour to break even if I had to cover fuel cost, but I wonder if the clubs would cover the fuel so their members could jump. I can carry two passengers side by side on the front bench seat, but it would be tight if there is girth. I"m not sure how they would exit and not sure if one can stand on the skid. Any advice is appreciated.

airtwardo  (D License)

Jul 15, 2013, 12:09 PM
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Re: [lvflyer] Hi new drop pilot here with questions [In reply to] Can't Post

That type of jumping is something that's a fun thing to & then.

You may get some limited interest at large skydiving events from people that have never jumped a helicopter and want that feather in the head dress...but @ 400.00 hr. break even you aren't going to get a whole lotta interest considering there is usually an R44 or two, to compete with. Wink

A good friend of mine tried this out in So. Cal. some years back - he figured he could make a few bucks on the weekends when he didn't have students to teach.

Didn't work out well...spent more of fuel some weekends to get to the DZ than he made taking jumpers up. Pirate

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