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Election Results posted on USPA's website


MikeTJumps  (D 5957)

Jan 4, 2013, 7:42 PM
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Election Results posted on USPA's website Can't Post

Congratulations to all of those elected. As usual, I placed next to last but I will still be fully active as an advisor the the Safety and Training Committee and as the PIA's representative to the USPA BOD.

Here are the official results and remember, this is a three year term!:

USPA Board Election Results Announced (updated 01/04/13)
The election for the 2013-2015 USPA Board of Directors has concluded. All candidates on the ballot are listed below along with the number of votes each received. The winning candidates are designated by bold type. Two write-in candidates were also voted in. The new board will be seated at their March 22-24 meeting in Daytona Beach, Florida.

National Director Candidates (eight winners in bold) Name # of Votes

Jay Stokes 3,419
Kirk Verner 2,961
Sherry Butcher 2,664
Mike Mullins 2,456
Larry Hill 2,346
Tom Noonan 2,145
Jan Meyer 2,131
Richard Winstock 1,824

Runner's up:
Buzz Fink 1,389
Eike Hohenadl 1,384
Abbie Mashaal 1,282
Mike Turoff 1,145
Stewart Reifler 1,064

Regional Directors Region Name # of Votes
Central Gary Peek 250 (a nail biting win by 6 votes)
Jen Sharp 244 (nice effort Jen!)
Joe Jackson 121

Eastern Randy Schroeder 382 (winner)
Jeff Whitt 196

Gulf Todd Spillers 218

Mid-Atlantic Tony Thacker 509

Mid-Eastern Randy Allison 286

Mountain Ray Lallo 328

North Central Merriah Eakins (Write-In) 93

Northeast Al King 324

Northwest Luke Aikens 339 (winner)
Rob Herndon 91

Pacific Jason Gordon 195 (winner)
Craig Stapleton 171

Southeast Albert Berchtold 426

Southern Steve Helffrich (Write-In) 80

Southwest Jack Pyland 203

Western Scott Smith 449

Wingsuit Poll Yes No No Opinion
2,686 2,053 1,289

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