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40 Years ago: RW proposals accepted for 10-man at 1972 Nationals


patworks  (D 1813)

Oct 31, 2012, 8:20 PM
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40 Years ago: RW proposals accepted for 10-man at 1972 Nationals Can't Post

40 Years ago: the RW proposals accepted for 10-man team competition at the 1972 National Parachuting Championships.
Jan and I bleary-eyed over-killing the research thing for the displays 2012 National Skydiving Museum Weekend & Hall of Fame Celebration Doing research can be fun with your remaining brain cells

History? We got files of files of historical / hysterical stuff. . . . like when 10-way was introduced to the USPA Nationals (A time when RW folks and USPA both had a, "Who needs YOU." friendship approach

Whatever, I found my handwritten notes from January 27, 1972 Milwaukee USPA BOD Mtg. ... Lookit here:

Open Letter to RW Council Members

The initial letter to key RW people to explain the RW proposals accepted for 10-man team competition and the 1972 National Parachuting Championships. Pat Works first “underground” communication, from his notes at the event…. (February 2-3, 1972)
The initial letter was signed by the three individuals who made the proposal to the Board of Directors, P. Works, D. Girausso, John Sherman.
. . . – The RW Council. There are no dues but you must remain active in RW. By virtue of being a RW Council member you are also an advisor on relative work to the USPA Competition Committee
Our duties are that you voice your opinion on RW matters. The RWunderground newsletter will print anything you have to say concerning the betterment of RW.
The RWunderground Newsletter went to over 1,120 active relative workers all over the world. Members included the FAI CIP, Plus leaders from France, UK, Australia, NZ, S. Africa, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Canada, Texas, etc.

Membership in the RW Council is open to any active SCR holder who YOU believe would benefit the sport.
I believe we want to supplement rather than supplant USPA. I believe lotsa RW is lotsa fun. What’s been happening up your way? s/ pat and Jan Works
- - - - - 0 - - - -
Pat’s notes from The Event:
<Start of Quote >

Jan 27, 1972 Battle Plan “Underground” Communication with Relative Workers Nationwide.

RW Council RW Teams, and initial list
Bill Newell, Bob Sprague, Larry Perking, Curt Curtis, Dan Poynter, John Sherman, Dick Girausso, Betty Girausso, Jan Works, Pat Works

TEAMS: Z-Hills, Del Rey, Hinckley, Waco Texas, NE (Pieces of Eight), Michigan. People: Jerry Bird, Stan Troeller, Father Farkle, Lyle Cameron, Dan Poynter, Curt Curtis, Jeff Searles, Jim Bohr, Phil Mayfield, Gary Lewis, Larry Perkins, Leon Ritichie, Bill Smith, Matt Farmer, Skratch Garrison, Bill Newell.

Nationally: Team Captains are the representatives and leaders of Star People. (Not Safety officers or Conf Directors, or Club’s Presidents)

eam Captains – as a group – are the “directors” of RW and Star people. No forms, badges, patches, paperwork, or red tape. Just Team captains who represent and support their team and RW to USPA and everybody: Victory Over Horse Shit! So, if you are a ground-hog, like to babble-rap, and be a not-involved rule-maker: Get fucked!”

To communicate this, Pat & Jan will produce an occasional “Underground” letter. We must immediately spread the word God is a star people.
Net, we’ll end up with an informal “League of Star People” - - everybody with their shit together who do their thing (not mine or yours) for and to RW. Result will be significant support (including importantly $Money$ support from those lovely? Lads at USPA).
Notes added next day, Jan, 28, 1972: Entertain other RW formations. Don’t let Rw stagnate at round stars where all the fun can deteriorate into a tense push for speed & time…. Let’s have snowflakes, lines, ….
PAT WORKS’ NOTES Taken at the USPA Milwaukee BOD Meeting:
Quotations of BOD Members on the motion:
- Len Potts -- Meet aircraft should meet SOP and have insurance
- Lyle Cameron – Hold a Spring meet at Hinckley
- C. Curtis –PLEASE, Let’s support them…
- Ken Glover – You are precluding people who didn’t enter those 10-way meets
- Gene P. Thacker --- Let’s support ‘em. Let’s vote!
- Jim West -- Hey, I want a chance to compete too!
- Mike Linz -- Heaton must control 10-Star….
- N. Heaton -- applicable parts of Part 50 will be observed… same rules
- M. Linz – Star people are the only people with enthusiasm; Let’s help ‘em.
- N. Heaton – We gotta start somewhere… style and accuracy started the same way. Lets Do it!

airtwardo  (D License)

Oct 31, 2012, 9:35 PM
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Re: [patworks] 40 Years ago: RW proposals accepted for 10-man at 1972 Nationals [In reply to] Can't Post

That whole RW thing...ya think it will ever catch on? Laugh

rwcat  (D License)

Oct 31, 2012, 9:50 PM
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Re: [airtwardo] 40 Years ago: RW proposals accepted for 10-man at 1972 Nationals [In reply to] Can't Post

Scratch Garrison?????
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