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Nov 26, 2011, 4:34 PM
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     Freefly Coach List  

Below is a list of Freefly Coaches who have sent me their information. Please contact them directly to find out availability and fees (their names are listed next to their real names).

Since this list is for informational purposes and to help Coaches not have to worry about crossing the no-advertising rule on this site, I am going to keep the thread locked. If anyone wants to be added to the list or needs to change any info on the list, please send me a pm.

Happy Flying! Smile

Europe - USA - Australia
Domitille Kiger (Domi)
-Jumps: 5000
-Tunnel Time: 150 hrs+
-IBA tunnel coach level 4, freefly coach

- Freefly world champion 2012
- freefly european champion 2011
- freefly french national champion 2008, 2009, 2011

records :
-as an organizer : italian record 2012, woman vertical french record 2013, women world record 2013
-as a participant : french vertical record 2011, European record 2009, 2011, 2013, World record 2009, Women world record 2010

-has been organizing at various events and camps all over the world for the last 3 years.

Voltige2001 (near Montréal, QC)
Olga Kuznetsova- (Wrong)
-Jumps: 2000
-Tunnel Time: 150 hrs+ (has worked at SkyVenture Montréal as a full-time coach for approximately 2 years)
-PFF Instructor, Coach, Jump Master
- Canadian Champion in AE: Freefly 2011 (Team Rise N Shine)
- Canadian Freefly Record National (2009)
-Organizes at various events seminars and camps in and outside of Quebec, Canada with teammate Bruno Gohier.

Mike Wittenburg (ROBOTFOOD)
-Coach, vfs,freefly,tracking,canopy.
-11,000 jumps

Skydive Hawaii
Rod Boden (JumpeRod)
-1600 skydives - USPA coach
IBA rated Pro Wind Tunnel Flyer
IBA rated Wind Tunnel Coach Level 2
Participant in Maine State Headdown record.

PJ Jackson (doublespock)
Skydive DeLand Based, Travel USA
AFF, Freefly Coach and Organizer, Basic RW Coaching
7,000+ jumps
150+ wind tunnel hours
Past experience in competitive VFS at Nationals
69 & 108 Head Down World Records

Ari Perelman (NeedToJump)
-3500 jumps, 1500+ hours of tunnel time, IBA Pro Flyer
-Mainly based in Austin, TX but will travel for coaching and organizing.
-Medal winning belly flyer and free flyer (USPA Nationals and many tunnel competitions)
-Tunnel coach and runs camps all around, but mostly at iFly Austin and ParacleteXP.

Todd Sellers (sellemt)
-Available to coach any where in the southeast with a day rate or locally at The Farm, Skydive GA, SD Atlanta, SD Alabama, Gold Coast, Emerald Coast, SD Monroe with a per jump rate.
-Current VFS competitor
-1st place Adv VFS 2011 USPA nationals
-IBA- PRO tunnel flyer
-FF coach/organizer at Skydive the farm
-1200 jumps
-Qualified to coach from beginner backflying to angle flight, vfs and bigway sequentials.

Simon Bones (SimonBones)
Skydive Houston, Skydive Spaceland, Skydive San Marcos, and Skydive Temple are within easy driving distance. Will travel, but with extra costs.
-Spaceball coaching (
-Level 4 IBA tunnel coach, mostly in Colorado but have done some elsewhere as needed.

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