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Banning of New Zealand Static IP


Aug 4, 2011, 12:41 AM
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     Banning of New Zealand Static IP  

Unfortunately we have been forced to take action against an IP address belonging to a single dropzone in New Zealand. In remaining professional, we will not be naming the dropzone in question. This IP address seems to be a static IP address belonging solely to the dropzone, because of this we don't expect any influence on other New Zealand users, though should this not be the case please send an e-mail to

The issue relating to this banning has also prompted us to address a few issues:

Firstly, as stated in the rules - abuse to moderators and site staff will not be accepted and is grounds for post removal or banning. If you have a grievance with a moderator you can private message them or me, or alternatively contact our support e-mail address. Attacks or the spreading of false information will not be tolerated.

The moderators of the site receive no financial compensation for their work and are here solely on a volunteer basis. Likewise, they receive no financial kickbacks from advertisers.

We are extremely concerned about safety issues and the well-being of the global skydiving community and have no desire to neglect any safety issues in the forum and respect all valuable input on any safety related situation. We will never seek to silence or censor credible information pertaining to skydiving.

We would also like to remind users that should a post be removed by a moderator, creating a new thread on the same topic will not be tolerated and a warning can be expected. Unfortunately these threads can sometimes become active prior to their removal and as such we are then forced to remove them regardless of any good quality posts which may have occurred in that forum by other contributing users. The same goes for creating alternative usernames to get around previous implemented bans or trying to work the semantics of the forum rules in order to make posts which have already been deemed as unacceptable.

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