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Note - "PM Sent" messages


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Jan 23, 2007, 12:29 PM
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     Note - "PM Sent" messages  

On occasion someone will send someone else a PM and post "PM Sent" in the thread. Please do not do this.

One, storage costs money, and the more money spent archiving hundreds of "PM Sent" replies, the less that gets spent on things like bandwidth (i.e. how fast the site seems to operate.)

Two, PM's are intended as private communication between two people. Once you send a PM, if the poster is reading the forums he gets an immediate notification that you have sent him a PM. He does not need to be "reminded" to read it; that's what the alerts are for. Nor does everyone reading the forum need to know that you have sent a PM.

Three, these are public forums intended to spread knowledge, in this case concerning safety aspects of skydiving. This is not encouraged by sending advice to one person then telling everyone else "I sent him some advice and no one else will see it."

Edited to add - there is one case where such a message makes sense, and that is when someone requests information that should not be publicly posted. An example of this would be a person's email address, physical address or phone number. In that case, a note that says "email address sent via PM" will serve to inform others reading the thread that the information has been conveyed, and they don't need to re-send it.

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