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AFF 1 Out of the way baby!!!


HardCorr  (C 35775)

May 7, 2005, 10:21 PM
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AFF 1 Out of the way baby!!! Can't Post

ShockedFinally did my first AFF jump yesterday!!!Shocked It turned out beautifully! I got off of work at 4 am and was at the dz by 9. I sat in on a FJC just for a good refresher and couldn't jump until almost 7:30 pm that night! The sun was setting with a cloudless sky and the winds finally died down. Went to 14,000 feet and my body was tingling the whole way up! Once the door opened, all the worries went away!!! I knew that this was the moment I was waiting for and it was time to do it!!!

We stepped up to the door, I checked in w/ Rich, called "STRUT, UP, DOWN, ARCH!" and out we went. Proceeded with a 5 count, checked altitude, "14 THOUSAND!" Performed 3 PPTs, 2 toe taps, we were at 10,500 now. I put my hands back and straightened my legs and tracked for about 3-4 seconds. After that we rode down to 6,000, I shook my head, "NO MORE SKYDIVE" waved off at 5,500 and pulled by 5,000. I hesitated a little bit with the PC because it had the old ripcord handle on it so I confused myself and I held onto the PC for a second longer than I should of. Beautiful opening! Man oh man, it's a whole lot more comfortable with a canopy opening by myself than with a tandem!!! Had a pretty uneventful ride other than the fact that I was talking to myself trying to make sure I wasn't doing anything stupid!!! Wow! I was so excited that I was doing this, I mean, I was actually finally doing this!!! I was flying under my own power!!! 1,500 feet came up and I started my downwind leg. I was around 600-700 when I started my base, just barely started doing s turns when I got the signal to come on home. Hit some pockets of dead air and landed just outside of the p's. I couldn't believe I actually stood it up!!! Drank a lot of beer and champagne that night, lost to the ladies in a game of Australian stretch and had to run around naked!!! All in all, it turned out to be a beautiful day!!! I'm so glad that I had a chance to jump with all those great guys and gals!!!

Next step, AFF 2! Here I come!


chutem  (A 45827)

May 8, 2005, 4:01 PM
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Re: [HardCorr] AFF 1 Out of the way baby!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

Keep it up!!!!!!!! Be Safe!!!!!!!!!

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