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What will happen when you read this forum


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Sep 12, 2004, 10:38 PM
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What will happen when you read this forum Can't Post

This forum is intended for the reporting and discussion of serious incidents. Skydiving is still a relatively small community, and you may someday see an incident here that involves someone you knew. Do NOT read this forum, or read threads about their injury or death, if reading such a discussion will upset you.

Often, when a skydiver dies, there is a desire on the part of his friends to "not speak ill of the dead" - to not suggest or imply that his death was due to a mistake he made. However, 99% of the serious injuries and fatalities in this sport are due to mistakes, and one reason the sport is gradually getting safer is that people learn from other's mistakes _before_ they make them themselves. This forum is intended for just that sort of learning. Consequently, you will often see discussions along the lines of "if he had only done X, he would have been able to pull it out." This can be upsetting to someone who knew the injured/deceased jumper; it may seem as if the poster is saying "it's his fault he's dead!"

But the objective here is not to assign blame or determine if "he deserved it." It is to analyze the accident to see what caused it, what might have prevented it, what others can do to prevent similar accidents. Sometimes all the facts are known, especially if the original poster was the person injured. More often only some of the facts are known, and people must make educated guesses as to the rest of the details (i.e. why they turned at 100 feet, why they did not open their reserve before impact.) These guesses, although sometimes inaccurate, are an important part of the discussion.

It's always upsetting to lose someone you know, and it can help to have a place to discuss how well you knew him, what a great person he was etc. These discussions take place in the Blue Skies, Bonfire or General forums, and those forums usually do not contain the kind of second-guessing and analysis you will see here in Incidents. If you have lost a friend, and you want to talk about it but don't want to see discussions about what he might have done differently, start (or join) a thread in one of those forums.

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