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Welcome to - Read this first!


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     Welcome to - Read this first!  

Hey there!

Welcome to Glad you found us and hope you'll have a great time, learn a lot and make a load of new friends. is a rather large community (more than 40,000 members) and as with any other community it has developed it's own character, rules and etiquette. Some of these are by design (meaning: I'm pushing it in that direction!) and some are less deliberate. It's a good idea to understand some of the nuances and continue to be sensitive to them as you navigate this world.

Here are a few posts or notes you should read before you jump in. Take the time, it will help you a lot.

Read the Forum Rules!

There are 4 rules and some clarifying forum policies. We enforce these so there's no point in making a post that breaks one. It will simply be removed. The link to the rules can be found in the top navigation bar on the right.

Read the Forum FAQs

Most of the questions you will have about how to use the forums (the software) has already been answered. Check the FAQs first before you ask. Questions about "adding and icon or avatar" or "changing my username" or "changing my status" are all answered here. You can search the FAQs as well. The link to the FAQs are in the top blue navigation bar on the right.

Read the Announcements Forum

This will help you understand a lot of policy shifts and features. Remember to come back to this forum from time to time. In fact, I suggest you subscribe to it. (Check the FAQs on how to subscribe to a forum) Topics like, "signature guidelines", "animated avatars / user icons" and "multiple accounts" have all been dealt with in this forum.

Search the Suggestions and Feedback and Errors and Bug Report forums

If you can't find an answer in the FAQs, search the Suggestions and Feedback and Errors and Bug Report forums. With more than 40,000 users and years of posting your question has most likely already been asked and answered. This is where you'll find the answer. You can search any specific forum from the footer of that forum or by going to the Search Posts link in the top blue navigation bar. If you still can't find the answer, then make a post to one of those forums rather then sending an email. That way others can learn from the question as well.

Please Update your Profile

This will help people get to know you and establish your credibility on the forums. You can update your profile by clicking on the "Edit Profile" link in the top blue navigation bar, on the left.

And finally, remember, these are moderated forums. The moderators are volunteers and are spending a lot of time helping to keep this a fun and inviting place for all to visit. Be nice to them! That's all for now. Have fun and again, welcome! Smile

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