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Getting the drouge in the shot " help "


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pope  (D 19947)

Jun 10, 2012, 9:16 AM
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Re: [PharmerPhil] Getting the drouge in the shot " help " [In reply to] Can't Post

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I've been biting my tongue watching this thread, but the last two pics confirm what I have felt all along. Including the drogue in the shot, particularly from the top, doesn't add anything of value to the customer's product. Maybe people are just trying to impress themselves and other jumpers with their "cool" shots. But you should always keep in mind who is paying for the video and what they want. They want themselves featured first and foremost. Most, if they even see the drogue, are simply confused by it and have to have it explained (how many time have you heard their friends/family ask "the parachute comes out right away?").

Flying up and around the tandem can show varying angles, which I feel can make it interesting and break the monotony of a single angle (ala handcam), but flying so far up that you see the drogue and completely lose the shot of who is jumping doesn't add anything IMHO and wastes valuable shooting time. Flying below to show the drogue is slightly less detracting insofar as you can at least still see the customer's face (given a wide enough angle lens and proper exposure). But shot from the top? Not in my, or most customers' opinions. BTW, that first shot is definitely taken from the death zone.

I disagree with many things you've said here.
Having the drogue in the shot is *not* confusing, and *definitely* adds to the overall video, from both below *and* above the tandem. From below the tandem, the customer can see their whole body, with a bit of instructor behind them, as opposed to *anywhere* on level or above the tandem, where they're lucky to get a glimpse of their face at times! Showing this angle is focusing on the customer. As for the drogue in this shot, who cares if they have questions? Personally, I think the chance of bringing a customer from a tandem student to an AFF student is a lot greater if someone takes the time to answer these questions (if the TI didn't already). It's not like the drogue has somehow cheated them of their freefall experience!
From above, seeing the overall picture; the view and the speed, not to mention the ever interesting shot that shows how puny and miniscule we are compared to our playground! If you can't get back to the tandem quickly enough, you're misusing your time and it's time to practice your craft a bit more, IMHO.

A tandem videographer's job isn't to "feature [the customer] first and foremost" as you put it. As I see it, it's to DOCUMENT that customer's first jump experience, on that day, at that time, in that light, etc. This involves many techniques and angles, sometimes INCLUDING handcam! The consummate videographer is one who has taken the time to learn these techniques and angles and put them all together. I guess it's all about how much effort one wants to put into the job.

Also, there's nothing wrong with 'cool' shots, as long as their done with the customer in mind, and are not done to excess. I couldn't agree more though that a tandem is not a fleshy skyball for the videographer to practice freeflying with if they're being paid as a professional to film it.

Oh...and to answer the OP's question: IMHO, I think you're on the right track with brushing up on your ff skills...I think the best way to get that shot is somewhere between back/sit with (or without) wings. It just takes practice. And having a slightly convex lens will go a LONG way.

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