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the Saber2 sucks!


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mdrejhon  (C 3268)

Nov 24, 2009, 2:34 PM
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Re: [ridestrong] the Saber2 sucks! [In reply to] Can't Post

Let me throw in a perspective that was interesting and hasn't been mentioned often...

I go to many events that Aerodyne attends. I'm still holding off buying an Aerodyne for a while until probably mid next year. (The World Team canopy catches my attention, need that 500-way invite first) In the meantime, I've been repeatedly demoing a Pilot 140 and 150 -- I must have jumped one of those a few dozen times over last two years alone! Probably 5+ different Pilot 140's/150's in varoius states of wear and tear.

Various Pilot 140 and 150's
- Opened ultra-soft and other times medium-hard (mostly packing)
- Opened on-heading and off-heading (mostly packing)
- Landed much nicer than my Sabre 170 (great new lines on a new canopy)
- Landed much worse than my Sabre 170 (it was probably brake lines that was too long for me to have a good flare range)
- Landed more slowly than my Sabre 170 (maybe line trim, and/or new 140 versus my older 170)
- Landed faster than my Sabre 170 (maybe line trim, and/or old 140 versus my older 170)

The difference appears to be chalked up to a lot of differences like lineset wear and tear (demos with new and old lines), number of jumps the demo had, flaring technique, packing technique, whether it was in my rig or a different rig, whether I landed it normally or double-front-risered it in.

Bottom line....
The very same parachute is a totally different beast under different conditions and states. Don't judge a parachute just by a single assembly...

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