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Paralyzed and progressing towards solo sky diving -info on what were doing


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Sep 27, 2009, 6:36 PM
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the bridle hung up/pilot chute hesitation jump [In reply to] Can't Post

it happened.

I, tossed directly out the door-like static line jumps.
All my exits from planes have been unstable for about 4 seconds upon which I find stability in FF(of all the ones I am alone, without being linked to a coach, or using a static line),
after which I fall like a rock finding stability where chaos existed for a few seconds.

It's comfortable and not a concern at all when getting out at 13,500f, and having tons of seconds to work things out
but getting out low
as a hop and pop...
that's a different situation all together.

So there I was, getting out after two others on this low pass,
although i had about 15 seconds to FF IF I WANTED TO,
my 'MINDSET' was on two things
-instinctual thought that out i go, arch reach and pull,
like the static line progression was...
AND having a slow student canopy open under me (he was on static line), my thoughts were on getting out, and tossing.

That I did.
unstable exit-tossed on my back.
felt in anterising continous freefall without the usual opening I expected.
looking over my right shoulder I see the pilot chute floating behind me like a helium balloon with a kid on a windy day,
while I see blue sky.

Immediately my mind was on placing my left hand on the reserve handle ('if this is a pilot chute in tow high speed mal i need reserve asap' was going through my head),
as I looked over my right shoulder to see the pilot chute merrily dancing several feet above me.
Twisting my torso, while grabbing for the bridle (I told myself I will give the area two sweeps with my hand and if that pilot chute does not bring out a D bag my left hand will pull that reserve handle)...

As I twisted my container gave me a slight 'tug' to the right as the bridle released, pilot chute did her thing and my main opened up beautifully.

-recently a friend pitched on his back, and his legs got 'rope burn' from the lines against his calve and his opening was intense.
Neither happend to me-but had the pilot chute wrapped itself around my legs I would not be able to kick it off, as my lower limb mobility is compromised.
-my main coming out, did not get caught in my gear or body parts at all=despite the fact that i was on my back upon the final deployment.

yup, another day I can say
"wow it's a beautiful thing to have a canopy over my head"...

from now on,
I WILL give myself those few seconds to find stability instead of rushing off for the pilot chute upon exit.

A VERY important lesson.


Sep 27, 2009, 6:50 PM
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new gear [In reply to] Can't Post

Sure this is the skydiving forum,
but I realize that what I have in common with my skydiving roots, and other things I enjoy with canopies is
two most important things.

1) I need a canopy over me to land safely.
2) the atitude is always bringing me closer to the ground-the worst mistake will have the same outcome.

This year new gear is in my reportoir.
All the gear are from Consolidated Rigging.
A Perigee II container, and Black Jack,
with 42", and 38" pilot chutes along with mesh slider and some other goodies.

I am not promoting any activity, sport or desire
but wanting to share with others.,.
the 'possibilities' that exist
-skydiving is ALWAYS number one-as to what needs to me done to maintain currency and consistency to develop new skills.
If jumping without planes, or activities using canopies
is attractive to someone I wil not condem or condone.

Yes I hope to try out my new Black Jack sometime in Oct. and yes I plan to either do one as a PFF (if that ends up working out), or a static line
...yes, many cringe at the thought of B.A.S.E static line... as many also cringe at the mere thought of jumping out of planes.
Perhaps it is more a matter of what drives a person,
as long as they have explored what motivates them, reconsidered how their living, and open up their mind their given. (a skydiver taught me that)


Sep 27, 2009, 9:43 PM
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unedited video [In reply to] Can't Post

thought of this too late for my 1st post about this jump,
but here it is
the final PFF/AFF level 7 skydive:

peregrinerose  (D 28983)

Sep 28, 2009, 2:40 PM
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Re: [gimpboogie] the final PFF [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm concerned about your 'safety rules' about deploying in clouds. What if the cloud base was at 2000 ft? Would you have waited until under 2K to pull? What do you find unsafe about pulling in a cloud?

Remember, your priorities of the skydive are:
1. Pull
3. Pull while stable.

Knowingly violating rule number 2 does not seem like a particularly wise maneuver.

In your other post, you talk about waiting til stable to pull instead of pulling on your back... that's a blatant violation of these priorities as well.

Please talk pull altitudes over with your instructors. Your priorities seem to be very backwards when it comes to whether it's more important to pull on time or pull while stable. I enjoy reading your posts and want you to continue to survive skydives so that you can continue to fill us in on your progress.

mdrejhon  (C 3268)

Sep 28, 2009, 8:06 PM
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Re: [gimpboogie] new gear [In reply to] Can't Post

Cloud talk is generally controversial since it is illegal in many cases so be mindful of that... That said, there are some non-FAA dropzones in various foreign countries that have this legal (That said, I don't know if it was in your specific case) ...

Regardless of arguments made about cloud risks (which are legitimate), deploying solo through the clouds, from modern GPS-guided spotting, outside of known air traffic routes, with healthy exit separation, isn't as inherently dangerous relitively-speaking as suddenly deciding to pull lower in an unplanned way, as that is more unsafe for many reasons... I'd suggest pulling at the designated altitude regardless of cloud situation.

Also, if you're doing a special flex-pull-altitude jump (i.e. dropzone and pilot gave you authorization to pull at ANY ALTITUDE between 3000 and 13500 feet -- used for special kinds of jumps once the airspace has been cleared exclusively for you) and you simply overreacted and pulled early, then yes, if you're wellabove the bottom pull altitude range, there's a little bit of flexibility -- if this was indeed the case, then you are correct about getting stable first before overracting and pulling early. That said, if the bottom end of the pull altitude range is inappropriate for an unstable pull, train towards clear rules such as "If unstable, try to get stable by 5000 feet" if you are doing an authorized flex-pull-altitude jump. (When you hit this pre-designated altitude limit, automatically go to "pull--pull at correct altitude--pull while stable" mode, peregrinerose is correct about this) Talk to your instructors about that, to build some reasonable safeguards for your special-needs jump, and to clarify pull priorities.

Keep it up what you're learning though :-)
But work it out extensively with your instructors, so you can be safer...

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Sep 29, 2009, 1:02 PM
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deployment altitudes and clouds [In reply to] Can't Post

The two jumps above were seperate ones-the one with the clouds, and the 'low altitude' deployment jump.

As for the one with the clouds- some things to add-perhaps relevant (or not?).

The cloud base was around 6,000f in an earlier PFF that day,and it was assumed the base might be lower at this final jump... once climbing to altitude we would determine if this jump was going to be conducted or not-based on the cloud base as well as the 'depth' of it.

My deployment altitude was to be pulled lower on this jump as determined previously- to come closer to what I would be 'typically' deploying at in the future.
It had been set at wave off at 5,500f and deploy by 4,500f in prior dives, while the goal was to bring it down to wave off at 4,500f and open by 3,500f (which happens to be the deployment altitude for our typical students while our BSR's indicate that student's must deploy by2,800f minimum and solo students 2,500f minimum).

This jump was the 1st one in which my deployment altitude was lower then prior. It also was noticed on climb to altitude that the cloud base had fallen to 4,500f -which happened to coincide with my predetermined deployment altitude.

As for the comment about, what if the cloud base was lower (i.e. 2,000f), if it had been low enough for me to recognize from the ground that it was clearly too low (as 2,000f is) then boarding the plane would not have happened.

If for some reason I had manifested, with the idea that the environmental conditions were sufficient for a dive, and this was not the case once I was climbing to altitude-I would have come down with the plane-like I have done twice this year for similar reasons.

Also had I not recognized any problems with going ahead with the jump if there were some-my PFF coaches would have called off the jump-if I didn't.

As we climbed-and noticed that the cloud base matched my deployment altitude-it was decided to go forward.

As for deploying in clouds, I've been told to not deploy inside clouds due to visibility concerns -I did not have this airspace dedicated to me-the load was full @ 20 skydivers- 16 of whom were going to 'top floor'-getting out after me.
(Although clearly if for some reason I would have been in FF and the cloud base had fallen-I would have had to deploy at the correct altitude regardless of the clouds.... if during climb to altitude the cloud base was determined to be too low, it would have been the primary reason why I wouldn't have gotten out of the plane.

This was not the case-so the jump went ahead.

That 7th PFF was 'uneventful' (as seen on the video), a little potato chipping at one point and deployment was stable on belly to earth orientation.

The unstable deployment was during that 'low altitude' (it wasn't a 'dirty low pull' type but rather a typical 'hop and pop' but instead of from 3,500f, or even 4,500f we climbed to 5,500f.

I am aware of the fact that I had rushed to deploy on it, essentially creating my own instability-I need to eliminate the typical 'static line attitude' of arch, reach and throw.
It worked fine on static line, where my parachute was deploying while my body was definitely stable.
All my previous free fall dives were from 'top floor' and there was always lots of time to find stability.

I am trying to shed the static line ideology from my head on these lower altitude jumps and drill it into my head that I HAVE time to gain stability from a 5,500f exit before my deployment altitude.

The primary lesson I learned from that particular dive is that I MUST not rush into deployment from such an altitude, as well as the fact that (under normal circumstances) I need to exit the plane no lower then 5,500f in order to give myself the time to gain stability prior to deployment.
Which is where my biggest mistake on that dive was-to hurry to deploy-while being too focused on having the static line student and his JM exiting before me...

It is true that I ended up sacrificing stability when it was not necessary-there was 1,000f to find it-instead of pulling immediately upon exit.

During the 'cloud' jump -7th PFF, nothing was sacrificed-stability nor pull altitude-it was an convenient coincidence that the cloud base worked out to be appropriate for me.
Had it not been, I would have had to come down with the plane. I am not comfortable with 16 other skydivers in FF while I am needing to deploy in poor visibility-it is not a situation I would put myself in-knowingly.

The unstable deployment jump is where I am needing to retrain my brain for the new circumstances for such exits-(until then I had never exited at this altitude unless being on a static line)- to eliminate the training that's grilled into my brain (over 50 jumps of it) of 'arch thousand, reach thousand, throw thousand, check thousand" -to 'arch till stable and then pull" (as long as I don't blow past my hard deck).

Seems to me that I need several of these lower deployment jumps to shed those old instructions, and incorporate the PFF scenario to them.

I hope that clarified the circumstances.

What I need to DO is to remind myself of the fact that I have time till my correct altitude-so use this time to get stable instead of rushing to pull.

My subsequent debriefing with my coach focused on this=that I DO HAVE TIME to find stability on those jumps and to utilize this time exactly for stability and shedding the thoughts of having to deploy immediately upon exit as all my previous jumps from that level had been-[as they were static line].


Nov 22, 2009, 10:37 PM
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Re: [gimpboogie] update [In reply to] Can't Post

well it seems that despite the days we've had that were not allowed to jump because the ceiling for deployment is too low-or the winds were too high, or.. or..

somehow along the way i got a licence.
did the jumps, did the test. got the paperwork signed off, and now need to send it along with $ to CSPA.

(thankfully the judging licence doesnt require extra fees!-or I'd have to start making choices).

lately been doing a lot of hop n pops from the 206, and learned that the difference of having the door on the other side as our super grand caravan did- IS an issue.
so I do the 'tumble exit', taking about 8 secs to find stability-still giving plenty of altitude to deploy stable. Been spotting myself-usually because no one else is left in the plane-they all get out # lower altitudes-but then again ive been told were crazy just for jumping in Canadian winters-but it seems to me, if you cant jump in cold winters-then why bother ever flying..... IF i was ever to fly again-i'd want my rig with me, AND the seat ebsdie the door-i dont care what the homeland security thinks of those choices-they are there to try to save my life-not to please the propaganda machine.

yup, the blackjack is an amazing canopy.,
works great for hop n pops with less then 4 sec delay but works great with a 2 sec static line off a 300+foot antenna.

I've read somewhere that PD makes consolidated rigging canopies-wether its true or not-i plan to fire off an email thanking them for a great B.A.S.E. canopy.
mind you, packing is a big part.
I LOVE the snake river's B/A/S/E/ nacking video-its flat packing (funny i had a rigger tell me its impossible to flat pack B/A/S/E/ until we went and....

yes, skydiving is a GREAT TRAINING TOOL for some jumping that skydiving can never match.

as for skydiving-its a GREAT PLACE to learn......

awesome environment for a whole lot of things-including toughening up your skin.... Wink

I have no videos, or photos worth sharing-this yr me skydiving is 'old news' and the only photos or video i got i shared allready for the whole yr of skydiving...

as for the B/A/S/E/ videos-got none-I'm NOWHERE near beng able to wear a camera helmet-and they've all been in the dark (funny thing is-i got one photo of the pilot chute opening-whch was taken from 300+f below while the rest of the photos are blur...

static line B/A/S/E/ is my newest interest.
'how low can you go'...

on another note, my room mate just went to a USA DZ and within a week of showing up there (and buying 50 jump ticket booklet) the FAA seems to have gotten an interest in that DZ sn now he cant jump-til the FAA is done.

I DO feel that in certain circumstances the tickets should be refundable0like in this situation.
a guy travels from one end of the continent to jump at this olace, to spend 2 months there-and this happens-yah give the guy a refund-its not like he lives 2 hr dirve down the road and can come back when the FAA is finished with them.

As for me-i got no $, spent way too much on gear, and repairs (like reserve repacks and AAD ) to be able to skydive much-thankfully my other canopy flight interests are free.

Had another interesting jump.
reallly wanted to see how longt stability takes time to acquire so a wagon wheel out the door seeemed to be a good way to try it out,...
learned that instead of the 4 to 5 sec it takes typically, it tok 1500f to get stable from the fliping and to finally deploy.

now i know..... as well as learned to get a bit better at spotting,,,,'spotting in a grand caravan is easy-wait for the green light and point to the DZ LOL,
now the real fun starts-kus when its -40 below it isnt great to land off DZ when you cant walk.. Tongue

pchapman  (D 1014)

Nov 23, 2009, 11:41 AM
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Re: [gimpboogie] update [In reply to] Can't Post

Minna, that would be the CSPA Solo licence that is pending? The first for a gimp in Canada??

What comes after that? Will the CSPA be able to offer some sort of restricted 'A' licence? Things like a backloop, or some of aspects of the RW endorsement, would be rather tough without leg mobility.

Distabled  (A License)

Nov 26, 2009, 5:51 AM
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Re: [pchapman] update [In reply to] Can't Post

Why a restricted A licence?

If you can't do a backloop, then you will never need to do a backloop.

Is it a test of skill or conformity? What is the real reason for a backloop?

Safety is the priority in my opinion.

A backloop induces instability in a jump, it's a test to see if you can get stable.

If you can get stable after rolling onto your back well its the same thing in my opinion.

pchapman  (D 1014)

Nov 26, 2009, 6:32 AM
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Re: [Distabled] update [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi Distabled,
I'm just saying that licences in general have requirements to get them, and if you can't fulfill the requirements as written, you obviously can't get the licence.

So you might need get special approval for equivalent skills. E.g. as you mentioned, maybe the point is to demonstrate getting back on belly, which can be done by rolling not just backlooping. That way you might get the full licence.

Or, if something just can't be done, get special approval for a restricted licence that doesn't include something that can't be done. E.g. Let's say you can't fulfill the RW requirements fully, because you can't get 3 RW docks from nine five because using hand tracking only is slower than using legs. Either someone has to decide the skills are still good enough for a full licence, or issue a restricted one, where say the rules on who one can do RW with is more restricted. I don't know what in particular Minna can do, so that's one reason I was asking her.

(Note in Canada after the A licence one can only do 2 ways, and there are limits on who the other person can be. After more RW coaching before the B, then one is pretty much free to jump with anyone one wants.)


Nov 27, 2009, 10:27 PM
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Re: [pchapman] update [In reply to] Can't Post

In reply to:
Minna, that would be the CSPA Solo licence that is pending? The first for a gimp in Canada??

What comes after that? Will the CSPA be able to offer some sort of restricted 'A' licence? Things like a backloop, or some of aspects of the RW endorsement, would be rather tough without leg mobility.

Thanks Peter (you've been a part of my progression=thank you for the canopy contro seminar).

yes i do think it is the 1st licence of any sort in Canada given to a paralyzed person (as in never having done a single skydive prior to paralysis-I know Lonnie has a licence [at least an A and most likely much more then that] prior to his paralysis)
Perhaps more then just in Canada.

IF it is, that Lonnie, Peter, Dale, and Russell all had done a skydive(s) prior to paralysis-and IF it is that these individuals are the only ones [we know of] who are paralyzed skydivers in the world-then it may be that I'm the only one who has a licence of some sort having never skydived prior to paralysis.
DOES IT MATTER-personally to me?

The whole REASON for ANY of this has allready been proven-because Dale saw my youtube video's he made HIS dream of skydiving again a reality.

I firmly believe that the day will come, when Dale will be able to show the world stage that 'WE CAN' reach hights many would not believe is possible.

Yes getting 'this far' is a personal goal met- and satisfying because now I CAN FLY,
but I must admit regardless of how "un popular" this statement is:
-having a B.A.S.E.# before I die for the memory of someone whom I love so deeply, who-with me-as a child believed we will grow up and be able to fly together would be more meaningful to me.

Having said that
-back to the 'logistics'...

As i look at the "skills grid" and requirements for the A licence, I have almost all of the requirements at this point. Out of the 5 RW required, 2 are done (& legally-with PFF instructors, one with two points and the other with three points in FF), more then 40 min. of freefall, out of the 10 self guided accuracy jumps 6 are done,

What I need is the emergency procedures review A, the written test, 4 more accuracy jumps, 3 more 2 ways, and that back loop, front loop & barrel roll in one jump (which is the one that I am not sure I can do in one jump because these manouvers would require more altitude then I have to work with even from 13,00f.
I believe that the "typical" tracking orientation/'attitude' is not optimal for me with my legs locked in an angle, but the angle in atmonauti is potentially do-able'.

The barrel roll is definitely fine- (I've done it once -accidentally), the front loop should be ok also but the back loop will most likely be what will eat up most altitude.
Which is why I am not sure if this combination in one jump will be possible (not to dismiss the fact that my fall rate is intense-my belly orientation fall rate is around 138mph-this year both my instructors needed to wear weights to be able to keep up with me and one of them certainly is a tall muscular man (thus heavier then the Angus).

Infact, I can feel the speed intensify when I punh my arch 'hard'-levels is what I hope to work on in the future providing this winter will be gentler on my body then last.

Yes perhaps if my life expectancy was 'typical' I may be able to accomplish all of those goals and acquire the same A licence as everyone else has-but I feel it in my body the last few months-my time to go fly with my best buddy, soul mate whom I have not seen since we were only young children-will come faster then I had believed it would two years ago.

I am 'ok' with that-I am building memories into my memory bank, to take with me into that eternal freefall-and I am ok if I do not acquire the A licence for myself=but I really yearn to do so=for the others, like Dale who will want to fly one day.

In order for the skydiving world to accept the possibility of having others like me-paralyzed but had never done a skydive prior to paralysis-to believe/accept that this is possible-someone has to do it.
Since I am 'so close' -yet not close enough
-(seriously I am not sure how much longer I can keep fighting with this body-every daily 'living' thing I do, is a mountain so high, elevations helicopters are unstable to fly)
I want to try my best to get to the finish line-that A licence-so it paves the path for others to follow to the skies where we have moments of freedom never achievable on the ground.

In agreement with Dale (and one of my more recent PFF instructors), there really doesnt seem to be any other reason for backloops except to prove that one can regain stability.
Having to do the backloop, front loop and barrel roll in one jump does not seem to provide any other useful purpose except get the person introduced to the style set for B licence requirement (which again perhaps is merely important for those who wish to compete in style and accuracy-but I am not an expert at this and may be totally off track on my belief on the necesity of doing those all in one jump.

At this point, having been battling this infection (which now is resistant to everything except for cipro-and I've been on it continually for 4 months and it is not getting better-merely keeping it at a tolerable level so I can function-on good days) for longer then i thought i would have energy for, I am getting tired, worn out and starting to get ready to finish the most important goals left in my life-and then allow myself to rest and fly free.

It may sound 'wierd', but I am not afraid of death, certainly I do not want to die, & I'm hating my deal, but reality is, we all will go regardless of what we'd like to think and sometimes it isnt so terrible to know its coming sooner then later-it gives the opportunity to make meaningful decisions and try reaching goals which otherwise may be put off till later for a more 'convenient time' in life.
Too many times I have heard people say, 'i wish i had...".

Fortunate am I, for having been able to do the things I have done, been where I been, met who I've met.... 10 yrs ago I was not blessed with clarity of vision, and was too busy in the daily races of going nowhere.


Jan 11, 2010, 12:18 AM
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going to jump a vintage canopy-stratocloud240 [In reply to] Can't Post

my rigger and I share a deep interest in 'old school skydiving'-and vintage canopies (should I say mine is an obsession CrazyI will reserve him the right to define his interest in that collection on his own )

a vintage or in other words "old school" skydiving canopy.

stratocloud 240.
the 270 wont fit in my container.

and NO its NOT the plasma cloud that most people think of=when they hear the word (which is the interaction of the solar winds with Venus)...

now I did try to tell my DZO if he's so concerned about my butt slide landings, on an old military reserve -it hasn't been jumped in .... let's say "a while" :) but my riggers kept it in his collection because he's just more interested in jumping some of the more 'interesting' vintage canopies...

I told him what my rigger said jokingly-"we could rig up a system like they landed on Mars that rover-under a round parachute, with the rover surrounded by airbag balloons so it could bounce around until it stopped I asked my DZO if he'd like me to try that? :-) "Actually some modern paragliding harnesses have a self inflating airbag under the seat. Sort of an airlock idea - air from the front fills the airbag but if one has a bad landing the air doesn't go out either too fast or slow through the inlet valve. No good in freefall, but if one built one that could be foolproof in staying shut or being opened, that could protect your spine on landing. On the other hand, something like that would actually interfere more with a good sliding landing"...
and NO im not high writing this-my brain just wanders to these things on its own-CLEARLY I DON'T NEED DRUGSLaugh

This to me is as exciting as a 14 sec canopy ride-which clearly was the most exciting time anyone could have in their life....

no butt slide landings there... and maybe a good place to try out the balloon system Sly

but my serious body armor helps as much as i could get for myself (including a NYPD bullet proof vest-which I figured would be useful just incase there's a broken rib that pierces the heart (yes a remote chance-but things more bizarre have happened to people=it just would be a 'shitty way to go in' Unsure).

after this diversion break-back to the sport this forum is for Wink

this jump, with the vintage canopy is seriously one of the most interesting jumps I'm EVER going to do in skydiving-unless I get to jump other vintage canopies-but for those of you who are familiar with them-i cant think of any other one which is 'gimp friendly' for landings-we do need some flare Tongue
as it's been said more often then not-
including by myself just today in another thread-
we must not femur or go in
for others sake...

thus the options for me to try such a canopy is ONLY in the winters or perhaps the spring-into some soft muddy sh*t-I'll take the winters ANY DAY before the muddy option Tongue.

because our planes are not frozen to the ground...

actually i saw Peter Chapman going up there yesterday...Gosh he's not grumpily hibernating!
it was a balmy -16C on the ground and -26C at top floor...

hey what else do you call a 35 sec FF from top floor on a day like that -except 'refreshing' ?


Jan 11, 2010, 2:17 AM
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winter gear & was going to FL to jump, but going to Idaho-twin falls instead-due to 'rules' [In reply to] Can't Post

 photos are my 'new to me' bashed up used carbon fiber full face helmet gift-awesome people give me things kus my $ source is now down to $89 after rent now that my room mate's gone *that grabbed $500.month from my income having to pay for the house alone-
4 the month LOL! (paid the shipping grabbed 1/4 of my months income-that sure seems insane when I look at in writing)...
but I am not leaving this house living at PST DZ
- here I will stay till I die
which sure contributes to the choices in what kind of jumping I can do when not here.

Here, I can work for my jumps-like the fixing of the jumpsuits in the winters and other chores in the summers-it all adds up in my account, or else i can exchange it for my DZO chopping up boxes of kindling for my wood stove-no $ for hydro-that stuff costs like gold! so I lug piles of wood in daily-its good physio therapy Coolme-which I need-kus honestly for me the most dangerous activity at the DZ would be swinging an axe!

Had I gone to FL, it would of been to a DZ I know someone who works there but that doesn't change the rules we all need to follow

I had wanted to go there this winter,'but with all the 'regulations' with a solo I dont know if any DZ will let me skydive anywhere else except here at home.....regardless if my friend works there -but he's Not the DZO Unsure

This is one reason I'm SO grateful for my DZO kus he lets me do work here to be able to jump! he's truly Angelic.
it would of been a great place to learn more,
keep current @much better then staying here @ home reading riggers course manuals, sewing collars on jumpsuits,'making static lines for A jumps and
looking for those 'warm' winter days to jum-with my lower limb circulation issues, FF in -26C temps plus wind chill will turn these gimp legs into frozen shatter like icicles on landing disadvantages (some things I just cant figure out how to 'overcome)....

so FL would of been an awesome place to go (even though locals feel its cold-but for us Canadians we got hot packs to put in our shoes and gloves even FL cold spells are tolerable), but things being as they are, regulations etc.
I'd end up touring the beaches, getting stuck in the sand while only wishing I'd have something to jump out of from top floor-That i cant tolerate! (the tourist thingy)
I got an invite to go to idaho, got a place to set up house-tent Wink and as they told me "locals enjoy riggin up black death contraptions to fling anyone with physical challenges off the bridge multiple times" no jump tickets to buy-leaves $ to give offerings to these fellows
-with offers to set up house- for me my wheelchair, feeding pumps etc. Shocked.

If it was possible to be jumping in FL I was hoping to stay 3 weeks but to Idaho
I was thinking of going until I get so wrinkled from the water landings that i wont match my passport photo anymore then I will have to come back home.

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grannyinthesky  (D 30311)

Jan 11, 2010, 1:43 PM
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Re: [gimpboogie] winter gear & was going to FL to jump, but going to Idaho-twin falls instead-due to 'rules' [In reply to] Can't Post

Hey, Minna, If you make it to Idaho, let me know. I'd love to meet you in person. Your adventures are inspiring. Smile


Jan 11, 2010, 4:05 PM
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Re: [grannyinthesky] winter gear & was going to FL to jump, but going to Idaho-twin falls instead-due to 'rules' [In reply to] Can't Post

for sure-i will post before I go,'and i am going to go
the only thing that would keep me from going is a cold blue body flat lined for way too long for reflexes to kick in and start working again,

having said that...

i need to go to the hospital tomorrow

nothing horrid-just got to put my stomach back together againm
but if things dont go so well with the blood tests
their going to take out that kidney that is not a happy camper and has decided to prematurely call it quits...

its like an office temp with a bad attitude
this kidney ever since my december hspital days when i had sepsis
it decided to throw in the towel
or perhaps i had hoped put up a sign
"work sucks ive gone skydiving i quit:
but there was no skydiving for me in december,'

i did manage to dive a few ride the slide cartwheels out from 7.5 in Now.

then this stupid stomach decided to start giving me trouble
my inisides been coming out of the hole in my stomach for the last 24 plus hours

so i rigged up a bit of a system to slow down the proces with some clamps, short wooden stickand cotton swabs

thats keeping me intact till i go to the hospital tomorrow AM
there will be a small surgery and if the kidney decided to come back and start at least working on half work load then were going to keep her
otherwise its getting yanked out and tossed in the nearest incinerator

wmw999  (D 6296)

Jan 11, 2010, 6:22 PM
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Re: [gimpboogie] winter gear & was going to FL to jump, but going to Idaho-twin falls instead-due to 'rules' [In reply to] Can't Post

Good luck tommorrow, and may you not need it.

Wendy P.

grannyinthesky  (D 30311)

Jan 11, 2010, 8:30 PM
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Re: [gimpboogie] winter gear & was going to FL to jump, but going to Idaho-twin falls instead-due to 'rules' [In reply to] Can't Post

I'd say good luck tomorrow, but you make your own. Your will to live fully is awesome. See you in Idaho one of these days.


Jan 12, 2010, 4:54 AM
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Thanks-soon on my way out there [In reply to] Can't Post

glad to get this freaken packing spring loaded clamp off my stomach 2nd night now no sleep-it is a bit 'tender' shall I say ;)

thans for your support,

and Granny, I've made my plans,
I will be at twin by memorial day-come watch me jump off the bridge?
yah I will be there earlier-I expect, so no worries.

remind me to PM you my cel #-no calling only text pls cant afford the calls lol so we can connect. :)

grannyinthesky  (D 30311)

Jan 12, 2010, 9:29 PM
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Re: [gimpboogie] Thanks-soon on my way out there [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi Minna, I will be there, camera in hand. I'm not ready jumping there......... yet..... but I do think it's something I am going to try one of these days. I'll definitely remind you to give me your number. I'll round up Para-Frog that you've had some exchanges with. I jump with him at Star now and then. Smile


Jan 13, 2010, 8:22 AM
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applied for & got accepted @ a tunnel camp endo f Jan [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm retty excited about this.
I applied for and got accepted at a tunnel camp (they only too 12 participants-a camp for women only).

I will be going to montreal for the end of the month.

I have no idea where i will stay, but i know i have to take the greyhound or the train.
i have an expedition quality tent, maybe they will let me pitch it at their parking lot...

now that would be a sight-out from the snow covered round hut crawls the gimp and drags herself in a sled (i use a sled and push with cross country ski poles cut short-dragging my wheehciar behind me-on really wintry days to get to the DZ from my house)....

regardless i dont care if i have to sleep in the corner of the office floor-oohh if theyd onlyy be so generous as to let me! i AM GOING TO THE TUNNEL CAMP!

sinjin  (A 210530)

Jan 13, 2010, 9:46 PM
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Re: [gimpboogie] applied for & got accepted @ a tunnel camp endo f Jan [In reply to] Can't Post

im not sure where the tunnel is in montreal, but i have lots of relatives in montreal. if you get the address to the tunnel, and your dates, i may be able to arrange a place for your to stay. pm please so i can make sure i dont miss the post.


Jan 24, 2010, 12:40 PM
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winter jumping, and some.... fun with vintage gear=7 cell military reserve [In reply to] Can't Post

it was an awesome day jumping yesterday.

last weekend got great video that will be put up in youtube under my friends name
Freeflychild. who jumped with me and took the video.

winter jumping for 'gimps' is very different then walkers.
i am jumping with complete winter survival gear, ready for survival in cold incase i land off.
so im bulky as heck with a ton of gear under my clothing.
which were discussed in my thread earlier detailing the important items necessary.
now to date we havent had others with disabilities coming by and jumping here in the cold weather=where the elements will freeze your knuties off if you freefall in -26C temps for 35+secs then end up a few miles off sitting there in -16C temps till they find you=learning survival is CRITICAL

anyways, this weekend i finally got into the old vintage gear.
i started another thread for my vintage gear jumps-hoping to see how many i can fly-before i have to stop jumping.

now i use a Dynavox communication device to speak with.
for a while id loose my voice when i was very ill but this week tuesday within 4 hours i went to NOTHING not a sound.

GLAD I SAW MY KIDS BEFORE IT HAPPENED so i could talk to the a little.


here-did a bit of 'proximity' flying with my friend and a 'coach'
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KermieCorleone  (C 39300)

Jan 26, 2010, 9:34 AM
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Re: [gimpboogie] winter jumping, and some.... fun with vintage gear=7 cell military reserve [In reply to] Can't Post

love that last pic ...


Mar 21, 2010, 4:45 AM
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Re: [KermieCorleone] winter jumping, and some.... fun with vintage gear=7 cell military reserve [In reply to] Can't Post

In reply to:
love that last pic ...

it was quite the trench i plowed there.

right down to the ground-my knee twisted a little and dug a fairly nice groove into the ground on that one...

thats why I LIKE snow when trying out a new canopy, downsizing and going from a modern canopy to a 30 yr old 7 cell accuracy canopy.. a few steps in one jump there :)
(that's the "hazard with these stiff braces-there is NO give either you make it or you end up with a tib-fib)..

but all is well ...

until its not


Mar 21, 2010, 4:53 AM
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just a video on 'living the dream' at the DZ in the winters-its not always so easy [In reply to] Can't Post

this video i tossed up to show what i do to get across that 400yard parking lot to get to the main building (yes i really do live at the DZ and yes i really do live in a house -LOL one doctor i went to see said to me 'what are you going to do in the winter?" i asked what he meant by that?" he said "well your a squatter at an airport".. hmm i didnt bother to go back to ask him what made him think i was a squatter).

but some do say, well you got it easy, yes i do!

I ONLY have to travel 400 yards or so to get to the packing rooms and the main buildings but sometimes those 400 yards can be more then a 'chore' to get through -on a COLD january morning

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