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Mar 1, 2004, 2:17 PM

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Re: [skydiverus] copatible canopies for wingsuit jumps

Just wondering if I should continue to use this canopy for Birdman jumps or should I find one that is a little more forgiving.

Stilletos are known for their diving and spinning openings even on normal skydives. Ideal canopy selection is a canopy that will open and fly stable, ie: not dive or spin, even with line twists. There are people who jump high performance and heavily loaded canopies with their suits with no major issues. The caveat to that is when something does go wrong it goes wrong big time. I would recommend you look at a different canopy for your birdman flights especially while you get accustomed to the S3. Otherwise you may be investing in a lot of repacks in the near future.

edit to add: if you're looking for a canopy that is good for Birdman flights and fun to fly once open look at a mid weighted wing loaded Firebolt as it will have flight characteristics similar to a Stilleto without the diving or spinning tendancies .

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