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Hooknswoop  (D License)

Feb 18, 2004, 7:45 AM

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Re: [eames] Opening High for Bad Spots

I'm afraid you're wrong, Hook. Here's an example for you.... A jumpship is moving 130 ft/sec and the the winds aloft (3 thru 12+) are moving 130 ft/sec in the opposite direction. After a jumper exits, she'll accelerate horizontally up to approximately 130 ft/sec (after the forward throw of the jumpship and in conjunction with the vertical acceleration, or "hill") in the opposite direction of the plane (with the winds aloft). So if another jumper exits 15 sec later, the two will have a horizontal separation of about 1950 ft, regarless of groundspeed.

This was all figured out many, many years ago....

So if the jump ship has zero ground speed (130 fps-130fps), then it might a well be a 13,500 tower. If someone jumps off a 13,500 foot tower and then someone else jumps off the same tower 15 second later, they will open at the same exact point, as they will drift the exact same amount. The only separation will be from the firstís personís canopy speed as they fly for 15 seconds.

And there would be no forward throw, since the jumper has no forward momentum.


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