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Feb 5, 2004, 7:32 PM

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Re: [jbrasher] Funny Stories

On Saturday November 11th 1966 Clair Wimer D-1413 , John Corteau D-1271 & Bob McDonnell D-10 did a Santa demo jump at the Thruway Plaza in Cheektowaga NY. The plan was for Santa [Clair Wimer] and his helpers, [ John Corteau & Bob McDonnell] to land their PC’s in the parking lot, than be rushed into the store where the real store Santa (an elderly gent) would take over and make his entrance as if he'd made the jump. Clair, John & Bob would throw the Santa suits and their rigs into some gear bags and sneak out the back. At the time New York State law still made demo jumps illegal. Well, the cops came and thinking he was the jumper, rushed the elderly gent Santa Claus just as he made his entrance. As they tried to arrest him he started swinging his arms , swearing and yelling “Do I look like I’d jump out of a God Damn airplane !?”. All this happened right in front of all the kids. Many who began to cry. The cops went back and arrested Clair & Bob. The story made the news worldwide. The trial was a scream. The defense attorney asked the arresting officer to point out the man he saw descending under canopy in the santa suit. He couldn’t identify either Bob or Clair who were now in their street clothes. They were acquitted.

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