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sdctlc  (D 16437)

Jan 30, 2004, 9:35 PM

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Re: [jmfreefly] Got Wings?

Here ya go...

Quick question and a way to get the thread back onto a gear and rigging topic to make the powers that be happy Wink!! Does anybody else notice/have a "catch" in the bottom corners of the reserve tray. What I mean by catch is that the corners of the reserve tray are not sewed in, maybe a 1/4 to 1/2". Not "in" the reserve tray but at the top of the main pack tray in the riser channel. This leaves a little catch or ledge I can feel with my finger. I am carefull about not getting the riser and the lines under the catch as it could cause a twist as the bag is commmming off my back. I will get a picture tonight.. It is a new rig and I do not know if it is part of the design or not. I had someting similar on a old Javelin I had and just packed accordingly. Just curious....

Scott C.

Edited to show what I am askig about. Again not a huge deal but curious if anybodyelse sees this...

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