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Jan 27, 2004, 12:02 PM

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Re: [bertusgeert] Funny Stories

LMAO! That's hilarious! Guess I can see how easy it would seal some foriegn object up in a packjob, especially one o' those big ol' student jobbers.

I wanna hear more of these... bet people have packed some crazy things up Smile

And congrats on your successful POP n HOP! Cool

Now I want to hear your funny stories!
Uh... hm, lesse... There were no larger groups on an Otter load one day, so my 2-way is gonna be the first out the door. Neither of us had been in this situation before. Being the low timers that we are, we're totally fixated on the door opening task. Such a huge resposibility! Gotta make sure we get it open in a swift manner as to get the hell out of everyone's way. We reach altitude, engines are cut, time to go! With lightning fast speed we throw the door open, get into position, make our count and perform a gorgeous exit. We left behind a plane full of confused instructors and oblivious students.

See... there's this little green light that we're supposed to wait for. Sometimes it's easy to overlook the simple things Blush

Did make it back to the DZ by the way.

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