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Jan 13, 2004, 1:45 PM

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More opinions on the Demon, anyone?

It's currently selling dirt-cheap in Europe. I don't know if this is a promotional price or a dumping strategy because of some issue that makes the canopy less popular.
Anyway, I've read about everything that's been written about it here on (even the stuff in german and french, although that took the better part of an hourTongue), but I still don't think I know much.
The things I'm curious about is how exactly it behaves in flight (how much oversteer, how fast are the turns, how it handles in brakes) and on landings. Roq mentions a negative recovery arc, some people mention it nearly stalls in swoops, general consensus seems to be it's really sensitive to pilot input, but at what wl? Is 1.6 (what I'd be loading a 130) enough for this canopy and do you think it might be too big a step-up in performance from the Impulse I'm flying now. (Which I'll have to return sometime soon.)
(edited; I'm calling up Stane from Atair tomorrow. I think he did some work on the design of this canopy)

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