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Sep 30, 2003, 2:25 AM

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Re: [Ron] Learning RW

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Carry over from another post...when I do what she did she likes to say I am being argumentative.

Ron. Are you flirting with me? Tongue

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But I am saying that there are plenty of good skydivers that don't have an AFF, Skydive U or even a USPA coaches that is not really the only way to look at that....Bob Healy does not have a Skydive U rating, but he really knows what he is doing.

Sure, you are probably right.

The point I am making is simply that there are skydivers with or without ratings who will jump with lower experienced people for free. For 'fun', if you like - radical concept as it is on an RW forum...Wink

You can learn stuff without always having to pay someone. In fact I know some World Class jumpers who still jump for fun and don't charge, nice people that they are.

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If you have only 60 jumps you would save alot and get a good deal of info with your local Skydive U coaches, and you would not have to spend the extra money to travel.

True enough. You can also learn a lot with people who will jump with you and not charge. I think 'friends' is the commonly used term.

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Yes, Airspeed, Majic, XL, Blue ect are better coaches...But thats at times like having a Collage professor teach Elementary school. The professor knows MUCH more, but 90% of his skill is not needed. Kinda like putting out a match with a fire hose.

Not quite. The benefit of being coached by skydivers of this calibre is not in their ability to pass on all that vast and superior knowledge. It is their experience as coaches that counts. And being on top teams generally means they have done a lot of coaching.

90% of their knowledge (of 4way block technique, for example) is not needed. But 100% of their skill as a coach IS.

To continue your analogy, I am a school teacher. 90% of my degree, or subject knowledge, is irrelevant in the classroom. But 100% of my teaching skill and experience is - whether I'm teaching kindergarten or 'A' Level.

Selection of a coach should be based on whether you get on with them and how experienced and effective they are as coaches. It will be different for everyone, but from what I've seen, the more experienced a coach is at coaching in that particular discipline, the better the coach.

Yes - whether they are actually on a top team is not as relevant as their coaching experience - but generally those who are on, or who have been on, a top team - have done a lot of coaching. This is why ASPD/ Majik/ XL come so highly recommended. And why they can justify their charges.

If you only have 60 jumps and are looking for a good coach, word of mouth is probably better than looking for an FS coach's rating. And if word of mouth recommends paying that person's slot, probably makes sense to do it.

You don't have to do a skills camp with a top team, or a tunnel camp, although if you do your learning will accelerate dramatically, even with only 60 jumps.

But that doesn't mean you can't fun jump with non-charging friends.

There are people who will take money for their slot without really benefitting the student much. This is what everyone wants to avoid - hence the discussion.

Does that explain where I stand?

And I have no idea of whether you are a good coach or not Ron. Please don't take things so personally.

ps and Ron? Nice use of bold...

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