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Sep 15, 2003, 9:26 PM

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Re: [drewboo] Triangle Parachutes..

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How many people have jumped a tri-angle...ex. the Thunderbow. Ive got a few jumps on a Thunderbow, probably a half dozen or so...anyone else?

Yeah I had a T-bow (it was uncool to call them a thunderbow...) in the mnid 70's while living in New Guinea. It was my canopy between PC / Papillon and first square, a ring-and-rope Strato Star.

The T-bow was great fun - fun to fly - easy to pack - i always side packed it, not wanting to waste time splitting the two sides and dressing the panels.

Plus it was always an impressive looking canopy for displays. Sometimes the locals would ask what the arrow was for, to which my reply was always "so I know which way i'm going...".

The T-bow was a little unusual in that full drive was achieved with the toggles down about ear height. That would allow the nose to pop out and fuly inflate.

Backward flight was also easily accomplished.

I guess I made a hundred or so jumps on it.

Pic attached - Bill, it sure looks like a triangle to me ....hahaha

Blue Skies,

fergs Wink

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