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petetheladd  (D License)

Sep 15, 2003, 2:16 PM

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Re: [billvon] Jumping without a cypres

Very well put Bill.

I think you got across the point, that a jump where you are completely responsible for the pull is like a progression jump.

The added risk will heighten perceptions, drive a lesson home and also bolster self control.

I also am from the old static line round school. After my dummy pulls, it was time for a 3 sec freefall.
The Instructor scared the crap out of me(intentionally) telling me how unreliable the fxc AADs were, how when they sent theirs to the factory for testing, half of them were out of spec and I better be planning on saving myself on the jump.

Everybody doing his first solo freefall was very apprehensive about it.

The transition to squares was again very nervey. No AAD of any way, shape or form.
The CCI led me into his office, pulled out a stack of fatalities, and proceeded to explain that everyone of them went in with a perfectly good reserve on their back.
He finished off by saying, you will die on the next jump if you dont save yourself - and if I need to use my reserve 'I better pull handles and no matter how bad things become, keep pulling at stuff, even to pulling my socks offLaugh, I better go in naked.Sly

Let me tell you every neuron was focused on the pull and reserve drills, as was anyone doing their first AAD-less/square jump

On my first reserve ride - no RSL - I absolutely had a mindset of no matter what, the reserve handle was gonna get pulled or I am going in.

So where am I going with this - just trying to relate some of my early experiences skydiving, certainly it was a more direct instruction than today.

Now I would bet that anyone who has never made a jump without an AAD and was confronted with actually doing one from say 4,000 ft.
They would be treating it as an extra special skydive with all the apprehension and nervousness that goes with a progression jump i.e. the unknown.

Now I am not advocateing anyone to throw their cypress away, I have them now in both my rigs. But I am advocateing doing that extra special skydive with it turned off to cement the idea of - its all you, now pull goddammit pull.

Now pick the bones outta that.

P.S. Add to this - dynamic stalls, downwind/crosswind landings for that extra special feeling

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