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Sep 10, 2003, 3:38 PM

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Re: [tattoojeff] stupidest student ever?

Heh, I saw some TV show ehre they had an AFF student narrate his 'hair raising adventure'.

Come pull time, he messes up and pulls the cutaway handle., just as an instructor pulls for him.

"And then the chute sorta just went away! It isn't supposed to do that, but I was not that troubled"

On the video one can see him spin away like crazy. Eventually the reserve pops out

"Then I got the reserve out [wasn't him that got it out] and everything was fine. Until i was about to land."

Clip showing him heading in from 900 feet straight for the only powerline for miles and miles. Clip ends with him landing in the powerlines and sparks flying.

"I could do nothing to avoid them, they were just there suddenly [never mind he had several minutes to act].

"Yeah, it was exciting, but that's skydiving".

Paraphrasing this whole deal, been a while since I saw it.


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