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Sep 4, 2003, 11:36 AM

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Re: [LouDiamond] HOLA!

La forma ms fcil de poner acentos es agregando un nuevo keyboard layout en windows.

1. Go to the Keyboard properties (Start->Settings->Control Panel->Keyboard).
2. Switch to the Input Locales tab.
3. Click on Add.
4. Select a spanish speaking country for Input Locale, and select United States-International for the layout.

NOTE: The layout is the placement of keys like on the keyboard.

5. Make sure that Enable indicator on taskbar is checked.
6. Click on Ok. (to add the layout)
7. Click on Ok. (to close the Keyboard properties)

Your current layout is probably EN (look in the taskbar). To switch keyboard layouts, the default sequence is Left Alt + Shift. Or, you could use the mouse on the indicator in the taskbar. It should change to ES.

Once you are in the new layout, just press ' followed by the letter a and you'll get . Press ~ followed by n and you'll get . It takes just a little bit to get used to, but it is worth it. Also, to put you must press the Right Alt and the ?. You can figure out the rest.

Hope this helps...


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