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Dec 12, 2001, 4:35 PM

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Re: Does it concern anyone that . . .

Whats concerning me even more are there are seveal people on here that are less then 100 jumps and they are considering thier 1.3 or 1.4 loading to be modest. Not to go Canopy Nazi on everyone but this should not be allowed to happen. 1.3 or 1.4 is the same loading that some of the people at the Pond Swoop Nationals this year with a few 1000 jumps were jumping. How is it that low timers think they can fly the same exact canopy as well as those with 1000's more jumps then them?
I started on canopies at .75:1-.9:1 loading less then 2 years ago. I made lots of mistakes (I'll admit to most of them) and had it not been for the larger canopy, I probally would have never made it to jump 20 without a broken leg. At jump 35 I got a ZP canopy and loaded it 1.1:1. This allowed me to learn the skills needed for survival and still work on better and higher speed landings. At 185 jumps I was finally ready for a 1.25 loading. A demod a canopy for 10 jumps and went back to the larger canopy after seeing that I had some to learn still. At 215 jumps I bought the Cobalt 150 that I currently have. Now I don't consider my self to be a slow learner, but how has everyone else learned the same skills in less then 75 or 100 jumps to be on a 1.4:1 loading that its taken me 255 to learn thus far? I took a canopy out on Saturday at 1.58:1 and after 1 jump gave it back because I realized that I am not even close to the skill level needed to fly it great, let alone swoop with it. I could fly it fine and it was a blast to fly, but what would I learn on it? Not too much right away other then just surviving it again.
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