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jtval  (D 26340)

Jul 24, 2003, 2:06 PM

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Re: [andie2skydive] 3 reserve rides in 50 jumps?

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First was a line over ceneter cell right off Aff,
i guess you didnt pack it? that is mostlikely due to a poor pack job

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2nd was seaver line twists.
could be to poor packing. if the stows werent on correctly or if the bag was twisted while putting it in. most of the time I would say its poor body position

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and third got the reserve out before cypres fired but we think that malfuntioned also. estimated pull Alt was somewhere around 1800 feet. Was jumping a rental rig that was for student use.
hard pull..yikes. could be multiple things here. did they ever look at the rig and find anything worng with it? if you were open by 1800 then youre doing good! keep it that wayWink

edit well when did you try to open! usually newer jumpers are strill pulling around 45oo. remember if you are fighting with your hackey/ripcord for 2000ft. you may not have the altitude to get the reserve open if you started pulling at 2500ft. for info purposes..when did you try to pull and what were the chain of events? did you know what alti you were at when you decided to go for your reserve?

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