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hookitt  (D License)

Jul 19, 2003, 3:33 PM

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Re: [andy2] Weight belts - how much weight?

Belts are Good. I have a vest only because I have it already.

I modified a Fanny Pack and used it for a long time as well. About 20 pounds would fit into it. I noticed with the fanny pack I needed less weight, so that information should also transfer to the Belt. Has any one elso noticed this with a belt versus a Vest? Any way I'd suggest a belt.

While doing AFF, fly very mantis like. If I need to go faster I point my elbows straight down. (good for short term as in... "Damn I didnt put enough weights on" )

Good Tip on the Ankle weights kallend, I'll look into that myself.


Edit: I think this is the FIRST time i've posted in the RW forum... Hmmmm... Any comments??

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