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Jun 10, 2003, 6:07 PM

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Re: [Ron] Wingload BSR

I myself (for once) dont know how to vote, I do know that something needs to be done, Jump #s dont succesfully show knowledge or talent. But there needs to be something done, if you are going to strap a high wingloaded parachute to your back, you are taking a lot of responsability, to yourself and to the people that share the air and landing area with you. I myself open and try as hard as I can to land last or first, its my opinion when I am in the air that everyone else there is trying to kill me and I want to stay as far away as possibe. To me my parachute, is there to save me, and maybe give me a good swoop, if the air is open. It pisses me off, that so many people big or small canopy dont think about safety and not just in landing, they should think about the air as well. example (someone that is afraid as hell of someone near them under canopy, but still lands in a large group of people in a short time just to land near the pea's). When a load of 23 people all land in 20 feet of each other in less than a minute, with canopies that range from .08 to 2.7 wingloading something is wrong.

Education: Yes there needs to be education, if not more people will die, yes I said WILL!
As hard as gear manufacturers work at making skydiving safer, jumpers work harder to make it more dangerous.
Dropzone owners, STA's, everyone needs to step up to the plate and if you see someone make a stupid mistake or judgement, tell them. Gear dealers need to stop selling people canopies they arent ready for. I have myself seen a LOT of recent people trying out Velocities, Xaos's, and Fx's that have no reason being under that canopy whatsoever, I have helped wash blood off one myself that the guy was told he is asking for it, and thank god he is alive today.

BSR: Maybe we have to do this, as long as we let people make up their minds about what they dont understand, then we are allowing them to endanger us as well as themselves. Im still not decided on this and since I have a lot of experience, I dont want to limit people's growth, and I also know where I came from (Broken Femur, hooked it in small canopy lucky to be alive, 400 jumps) but from where I am at now, I think that everyone will be safer if we limit who can fly what. It is hard to decide who, and what, and who says who and what, but in the direction we are heading we need to do something.

Final thought: Everyone and anyone, that jumps a small canopy (any canopy for that thought) has a responsability to themselves and the people in the air with them, Just being capable of landing a canopy says squat about you, you need to be mature enough in your progression, to know what will keep you alive and the people around you alive also. That is what defines what canopy your ready for. It isnt what you can land, a monkey can land a ve90, but a monkey can kill anyone on the way down. Most of all, be safe and think about things, just cause you can land a canopy doesnt mean you can fly that canopy, if everyone doesn't start making good decisions the ability to make a decision will be taken from us.
It is everyone's responsability, to make sure we are ALL smart and safe. Give opinions, ask opinions.

Anyone that has been in the sport a long time, should have seen the one! We see them all the time, we all go yeah he's the next, and usually he is. This shouldnt happen. We need to stop looking and saying yeah he will hook it in soon, and instead do something from stopping that from happening. If it was someone that pulled low instead of hooked low he would be grounded, why isnt someone grounded/reprimanded for hooking low.

Anyway I have said enough, think about it and make your own mind up. Be carefull and be smart. Its not your own life you are responsable for its everyone that you jump with's.

my 2cents.

Edited to add 2000+ jumps 2.3 wingloading today.

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