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Jun 10, 2003, 1:44 PM

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Re: [andy2] Wingload BSR


I choose not to use an RSL because I've heard enough negative things about them and I hope/believe I will have the witts to properly cutaway and go for silver should the need arise (which it has yet to happen in my short skydiving career). But I do choose to use a cypres because I will be a dead man if I collide with someone in freefall and am unable to deploy my main or my reserve. Of course with an AAD, I really need to be careful with my main deployment altitudes. As far as canopies are concerned, seek out as much information as you can from the experienced people you jump with and get some extra training when available. As a 260+ jump skydiver, I know a lot more about the sport than you do. But I know squat compared to guys like Ron, Billvon, Quade, SkymonkeyOne, Hooknswoop etc, etc, etc and the only way we'll get to their levels of experience is to survive and not make the same mistakes than many others are making. Freedom is a good thing, but it does come at a price.

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