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nimbus  (Student)

Oct 31, 2001, 7:09 PM

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Re: Best place to learn Sky-Dive in Australia?

Hey there Alvk,

Nagambie is one and a half hours drive north of Melbourne and is where I'm learning. It's one of the biggest dzs here (although small compared to US ones!)... we have a Cessna caravan that goes to 14 000 ft for AFF. The AFF course is 9 levels, with the 9th level a) and b) hop'n'pops. Level 1 is one whole day's training, then jump the next day: here are the jump prices:

The AFF Body flight program.
Stage 1 $468
6 or more people $450
10 or more people $435
Stage 2,3 $220
Stage 4,5,6,7,8 $175
Stage 9 (Two Jumps) $72 each
Video (Optional) $75
Video and Stills (Optional) $105

I think you also get a discount if you pay for all the levels up front. These prices include all gear. It's also a really friendly place to go.

They will sometimes do week long courses or have week day jumping depending on pilot availabilityb. The website is at: ..... they have bunks for accommodation, which is free if you're doing AFF, and the countryside around Nagambie is really nice. Also, if you come over the summer months it will (usually!) be very warm, esp. towards the end of summer here.

Good luck with your searching, let me know if you decide on Nagambie!


p.s. just read that you're going to Brisbane... I've heard a lot about Ramblers... they share Caravans with Nagambie (and the pilot Pete from Toogoolawah was at Nagambie over our winter...) so they sound good.

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