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Mar 3, 2014, 7:33 PM

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Re: [airtwardo] USPA BOD Cliff's Notes

It would have been easier, it's been brought up for nearly every session since around 2006? Glen Bangs was still prez when I first proposed it.
Then last year, at least one BOD member (I believe it was two) and one person not on the board "let" outsiders see/hear closed sessions over Skype. I was present (outside the room) when it happened. Knowledge of salaries leaked out over Facebook.

One member of the board tried to skip the entire BOD process and Skype in only for a controversial session as well. Fortunately the board took a quick vote and decided that doing so wasn't permissible.

I've offered (several times) to fund USPA BOD meetings being streamed live. Nothing needs to come INTO the meeting, but membership (I believe) would benefit from seeing the process occur, and writing their BOD members.
For example, a proposal was sneaked in under everyone's noses during this past session; it would have been nice to know about it more than 4 days before the session, and failing that notice, at least the membership could have known of the proposal before it was passed.
I hope Jan and other BOD members are reading this thread. The live streams (archived for later viewing) of PIA was easy. No funding required. Membership will volunteer.

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