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Nov 6, 2013, 7:52 AM

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Should the USPA also post record jumps with the highest count of local jumpers?


*There is some debate online about a jumper that blew a record and people who posted how a group of folks trained real hard to earn a state record.

*I have witnessed some people be frustrated that they, and their local friends, were not invited on a state record jump, where the organizer brought in a bunch of out of town folks and professional tunnel instructors, but they were told no. They honestly wanted a shot at earning a record for all their hard work.

*I am on at least two state records (historical) that almost everyone on the jump was from out of state.

*State records should have a certain aspect of "state pride", especially when friends who jump together a lot accomplish something.

*Skydivers do travel a lot, so state records often have the same participants. Without some sort of tracking, state records might start to look like national records where each state earns a record using many of the same people.

*State records are often beat at boogies and special events with out of state visitors.

*In order to promote locals to compete, and promote training - maybe there should be some credit given to records where locals are the participants.

Therefore - I think I would support the following - would you? The motion that could be presented at a USPA meeting might look like this:

I move that the USPA, from January 1, 2014 on, when documenting state records, shall post the following information about each record:
*Discipline (head down, belly to earth, etc)
*Date, plate, time
*Aircraft used

*Number of participants with mailing addresses in the USPA database from the state where the record was made - to be referred as Local Participants

*Number of participants with mailing addresses in the USPA database from out of state - to be referred as Visitor Participants

*Number of non-USPA members - to be referred as International or non-USPA Participants

*The USPA shall post on the website and other official places where records are posted, the largest successful group in total, and the record with the largest number of local participants as defined above. If those are one in the same, then only one record shall be published.

*All records earned prior to January 1, 2014 shall be notated with "unknown" for the count of local jumpers, unless accurate data can be compiled and the record organizer resubmits the data. Organizers must submit their data on the prior records by March 31, 2014 otherwise the record will be permanently marked "unknown" for the local jumper count.

*All new record submissions after January 1, 2014 will be tracked with the additional data compiled, and therefore new records may be added with the largest local group. It shall be the responsibility of the organizer to document local participants, and the USPA shall verify the records accordingly.

*The official state record shall remain the largest group skydive, without regard to the ratio of locals versus visitors. The record jump with the highest number of locals, which shall be shown secondary to the official state record, is simply tracked and documented to promote local skydiving and reward communities who strive to achieve success locally. They shall not be penalized by adding out of state participants to the jump, as coaches, mentors or participants, as the number of visitor jumpers shall work towards the total jumper count and shall also be shown.

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