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Nov 5, 2013, 7:45 PM

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Re: [erdnarob] Cold weather gloves

Yes, totally, go through all your procedure on the ground, think like it was your FJC, my rule of thumb also was "if I can't don and undon my gear wearing gloves, there is no way I can jump it", also, after practicing over and over on the ground, my first 2 jumps with gloves were full altitude solos, so that I could make sure I could touch and feel all my handles if I needed too and that I've had extra time to deal with the problem if I felt like the gloves were in my way, before getting at 4k and having bad surprises, mainly because a (much) more experienced jumper pointed to me that he thought those gloves were a little loose on me, so I wanted to take every extra precautions.

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