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Zlew  (D 21616)

Oct 8, 2013, 10:19 AM

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Re: [PastorPete] Jumpsuits by FreeFall Skydiving

We saw his booth at Nationals this year, and I will have to admit I was impressed. The team was even talking about looking into getting team jumpsuits via them.

I'd have to see how their camera suit flies, but I'd be willing to give it a shot for sure.

The tug of war demo is pretty impressive. I tried my best to rip that thing in half ( really should have....) and it didn't budge.

My experience with jumpsuits in the last few years has been pretty poor. The old "they just don't make um like they used to" saying seems to be true. I've had established and major jumpsuit manufactures for the last 2 years and my experience included extremely long delivery times (4-6 months) and jump suits that require 125 to 150 bucks worth of rigging repair every season. In fact, my camera suit is in for repair right now after a seam decided to let loose at Nationals. My team has had similar problems with newer suits from 3 different makers over the past 2 seasons. Some of the suits cost close to a grand....and were still having issues after one season. So for me...something that is strong and durable would be very desirable. Throw in a good price, reasonable turn time, and good service and you should have the design for a successful company/product. *edit typeO

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