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Sep 10, 2013, 6:55 PM

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Re: [billvon] Landing a parachute is a team sport!

billvon wrote:
>Sometimes being a "Douche" is the only way to get you point across

Or it can guarantee that the person doesn't hear you.

Consider if you made a similar mistake. Would you listen more to a screaming douchebag or someone who told you in a more rational manner about why they were concerned about what you did? Many people have filters that filter out douches (I do.)


I was kind the first time and the DZO also talked to them, that would be the second time. I swear does anyone at all read all the posts before they chime in? at what time is it appropriate to get annoyed with someone is unsafe? I guess I won't say shit anymore, or get angry when it is the 3rd time they are told. I will turn a blind eye like everyone else and then when someone gets killed I will be part of the problem not the solution.

Also, watch the movement of the camera, there were only 5 people in the sky as the first group of tandems got out at 9. You can see the canopy pass below me (below 400' on what appears to be final as he is close to the ground) you can see the white canopy landing in the peas, that leaves me and the tandem above me, thus EVERYONE accounted for. I did a 90 on final, hardly a high performance landing.

Also, there is about 20-25 acres to land in and one small section of peas for the tandems.

If I ever decide to post here again I will make sure it is a minimum 500 word document with witness statements to make sure it is clear as crystal. Until recently this forum was a learning place, now it's more like a dart board. I was very tired when I posted the video which was my bad for not giving a clear explanation of the events pre-ceeding this incident and the number of the jumpers in the air, the location and size of the landing area, number of jumpers already on the ground, those left in the sky, winds aloft at 12k, 9k, 6k, 3k and on the ground as well as the color of jump suits used and color canopies of everyone on the load. Next time will that cover it?? if not please feel free to ask rather than assume, it will produce a much greater learning environment.

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