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Sep 10, 2013, 6:40 AM

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Re: [Backintothesky] Landing a parachute is a team sport!

PixieUK wrote:
Feeblemind wrote:
I have already turned onto final and I am less than 3o feet of the ground at 35 MPH with tandem masters and students to my left

Serious question from a complete newbie - why would you aim to land so close to the tandems and students when you had that whole big field to land in? I'm guessing that students and tandem passengers might also not be very aware of their surroundings so I would have thought it would be safer to give them a lot of space too to avoid the potential of one of them walking in front of you as you land.

I was doing a Tandem video and that is where the tandems land.

rnicks wrote:
I get that you were hopped up on adrenaline after just almost having a serious accident, but screaming and swearing is probably not the best way to handle it.

I had just talked to this crew the jump prior about the exact same thing as had the DZO after I did, I was more than a little pissed this guy put me in danger. If I was on my smaller canopy this would have ended quite differently. you may be the calm mellow type, I am not. I expect in this sport for folks to take safety seriously, and when a regular and the DZO just told you on the last jump that we do not land to the west, advised him to get another airport briefing from manifest and then he does it again, yea I was a little pissed off. I didn't really relish the though of laying on my back broken with no means to support my family!

Sometimes being a "Douche" is the only way to get you point across, I guess rnicks and demoknite after the second incident in 2 jumps would calmly ask them why they insist on not following the pattern and being unsafe, especially after the almost had a collision. It amazes me how folks will armchair quarterback the reaction and ignore the incident. I'll go mute the audio and maybe someone will learn something.

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