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Sep 5, 2013, 8:53 AM

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Re: [tfg30] Best DZs to get A License

Definitely take the bad reviews with a grain of salt.

I am finishing up my A requirements at Eloy right now. I started my AFF on the East coast (the school called to confirm and then accepted all jumps I had completed there) and while I don't have any major complaints with the instruction and feedback I got through my first 7 jumps, the amount and quality of feedback I have recieved from the instructors at Skydive AZ is leaps and bounds better. The instructors take the time after the jump identify improvement areas through critical thinking discussions and then help correct faulty techniques rather than just sign your log book and pat you on the back (they do that too though lol). Tom, Jared, Sandy, Dusty, and Kim are really on point. The other instructors are as well from what my fellow students and I have discussed but those are the only ones I have personal experience with.

My only complaint about Eloy is the price for coach jumps. $144 is a little steep and cuts into how quickly I would have liked to finish up my jumps but I feel like you get what you pay for. They do have packages that save you money for all of your coach jumps (listed on their website).

I would recommend getting your jumps in on Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday because on Saturday there are a lot of tandems which get priority on manifest (at least it feels that way). I usually go on Sundays and rarely wait more than 30 minutes from the time I land until I'm on the next otter.

Eloy overall is great! You can easily crash in the bunkhouse for $8/night the bent prop provides all your food and booze needs and the gear shop is nice. Great community and lots of experience to draw from. If you have the $$$ then I would highly recommend it.

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