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Sep 5, 2013, 7:53 AM

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Re: [tfg30] Best DZs to get A License

If you're considering Perris, go there. They can meet your requirements, they have a tunnel on the DZ and Elsinore is 20 min over the hill. Provided you can get your license, it might be fun to drive over the hill and jump at another DZ.

If you have 5 jumps in the bag, you should have no problem finishing up in two weeks. I would suggest you keep jumping at home, and head out there with as many jumps logged as possible. Make sure that your logbook is filled out and all jumps are signed, and your USPA membership is current when you take your trip.

Another idea is to try and get a jump in within 30 days of your trip. This will keep you current, and avoid another hassle when you show up at a new DZ. You might just get a chilly Oct hop n pop, but a jump is a jump, and it will keep you current.

HOWEVER, if you end up going 29 days between your last jump at home and your first jump on your trip, while you're still current, make sure your coach/instructor knows that it's been a while since your last jump. You'll be at a new DZ, jumping different gear, from a different plane, into a different DZ, so current or not, it's not a bad idea to do a 'low pressure' jump just to get the feel of the place. While you might be able to do your next coach jump, to add a new freefall skill to all the other new stuff might not be smart. You could do a solo, or if you want a coach/instructor, maybe just do a couple practice hackey touches, and some easy docks/turns in freefall, just to ease the workload a little.

If you're thinking Florida, Z-Hills is nice as is Deland. Or you could hti Spaceland in Texas.

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