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Sep 4, 2013, 1:30 PM

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Re: [ksjumper] dry rate for skydiving 182

ksjumper wrote:
At $130 an hour plan on losing money unless you have cheap fuel or $30 jump tickets or are only doing tandems.

I was wrong on my price above, it's only $120 an hour that we lease ours at. I don't know what kind of calculations you're doing though. With our aircraft and 4 jumpers on board $24 slots breaks even if you're paying $4.00/gal for fuel. If you're paying less than that or doing tandems, that's profit. If you're paying more than that or not putting 4 people on every plane, you have loss that needs to be made up with tandems.

All of those numbers include paying your pilot. It has to be profitable to lease out the plane otherwise as an aircraft owner it's more worthwhile to let it sit and not have it building up hours, needing more MX, getting closer to needing an overhaul, etc.

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