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Aug 2, 2013, 11:20 AM

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Re: [gowlerk] Vector closing sequence

Ken, there is nothing wrong with anyone's efforts to find a better way. There is a problem when more than a few are unaware of some of the newer design features of their rigs.

The new Vectors, that are not so new,... have offset grommets, the offset is determined by the length of the closing loop as you know. But my concern is the vast numbers of individuals that own these containers as well as Oddyssey types and leave everything up to their rigger. I see this as a problem.

And I completely agree with you when you say: "Please understand that the only reason I am even bothering to reply to this is out of concern that you will convince someone else that they can skip using a washer." I too worry about this.

But again this is the gear and rigging forum.

And I as well as many others depend upon your wisdom and experience to point this out and or any other issue that may arise. In a sense you are the opposing viewpoint that in fact may save someone's ass someday.

Sometimes I get a little carried away and bring up multiple thoughts on the same page. And yes I understand this may be a little confusing, sorryBlush.

Perhaps I should keep my gear changing thoughts to myself or perhaps a new posting making it perfectly clear that I'm off on some kind of tangent would be a better course of action to follow.

I mention grommets again and again, because of the Reflex fatalities. Did the grommets come that way from the factory or did the user bend them and then they went un-noticed? It is worth pissing people off to mention this again and again, and if it saves someone's ass cause now they know a bent grommet is nothing to be trifiled with,...then so be it. I do believe this is worth doing....

On the other hand I really do like the idea of a larkshead to closing loop design for nothing other than it simplifies manufacturing steps and simplifies design. It's not a problem, just speaking out loud about trying to make things more bullet proof than they currently are. Opp there I go again....

Now to answeeere the OP's original question:
So the question is when my Vector gets here, should the gromets be that far apart when closed??


The main closing loop on your New Vector will have to be long enough to allow the "main pin cover" to fully fit into its' corresponding slot, while at the same time still provide enough tension for proper main pin retention. Page 69 of the current Micron V3 manual. I would have posted the page from the pdf but I don't know how to do that...

On a personal note Squeek, you may find that at this length the main closing loop tension to be less than some people are used to. In other words when closing your pack job you might find it easy to close. The caution and really big caution is if you are using a main that is smaller than recommended from the manufacturer. Yes I know this was mentioned prior, but I wanted to add what I have experience out in the field so that it might spare you some of the grief that some have already experienced with this fine container. Congrats by the way.

If anyone has in fact a current procedure for determining the proper loop length. This would be very nice. Perhaps someone can call UPT and ask???

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