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Jul 30, 2013, 5:17 AM

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Re: [ufk22] Vector closing sequence

"I" believe "I" made my point clear that "I" use a double knot on my main closing loop, on my V3. If "I" am using a spectra line material, on my main closing loop "I" use a triple knot.

You do whatever yo want... Smile

If you want to show me that UPT requires a washer on the main closing loop, and or want to show me that there is some min tension required on a Vector container, the new ones, I'm all ears...If you want to show me the UPT procedure on how to set your closing loop on a Micron, again I'm all ears...

The point is that I have seen a large number of individuals that have not read the UPT manual that comes with their containers. They have shortened their main closing loops in deference to the manufacturers instructions. This is not without consequences...

I get along just fine without using a washer on my closing loop, just as I get along just fine without using a washer on my "hesitation" loop, on the reserve flaps.


I'm suggesting that everyone else check their own equipment:

If you use a washer,...that you check your loop for wear.

That Microns have offset main flap grommets for a reason and that the grommets don't line up for a reason.

That way too many have worn out pilot chutes in use, and the vast majority of people using them do not know when their PC has reached the end of it's useful life.

And additionally way too many don't understand the amount of tension or how to set it on their main closing loops. I've seen way too many pins with far too much tension because there seems to be some kind of stereotype that because if the pin dislodges, releases, when you pick your rig up by the bridal ...then that's ok?? It's not....

So if yo have something constructive to say I'm all ears????

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