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Jul 29, 2013, 9:44 AM

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Re: [Squeak] Vector closing sequence

Squeak wrote:
attached is a copy of an image from the Vector 3/Micron owners manual.
It shows the main container closed ready to close the pin protector.
the gromets are nowhere near aligned.
On my Jav that I curreently own, the gromets are aligned when closed corectly.
So the question is when my Vector gets here, should the gromets be that far apart when closed??

I dug this one up because of a couple of concerns about Vectors (VIII, Microns,) that I have seen lately...

The offset is to ensure that the final flap, the pin protector, the top flap, etc,... fit's into its' pocket.

I have seen a couple of V3's with smaller than design main canopies installed and the users have drastically shortened the main closing loop. Consequenses of this were that the "Main pin cover" gets pinched by the side flaps. One container had visible indentations on both the main pin flap cover and the piping on the left and right side flaps.

To me this begs the question, that this increases the potential for a PC in tow if you have an unstable opening.

The other thing I witnessed of late, regarding the fact that on these containers the grommets are not designed to line up, was the fact that some packers, in the effort to get the grommets to line up,...shortened the closing loop....there was no washer on the loop, (it wasn't necessary,) and the closing loop promptly pulled thru when the container was thrown on the rack hitting the side of the container...This could have happened in the aircraft! The well intentioned individuals thought that the tension was too loose on the closing loop!!! So they shortened it, no washer, dosent need a washer with the low tension when everything is properly sized. Double overhand knot, or I use a triple overhand knot on my closing loop. Or get a washer and make sure to check it for wear on a regular basis...

Anyways with the increased tension caused by the shorter loop, it pulled thru its' grommet....

"We wanted it to look normal..." was what the person said regarding the fact that they didn't understand why the grommets didn't line up!

The UPT manual states that the closing loop should be adjusted to no more than 12 lbs of force max! But the min is left up to the user, the min force is enough to keep everything in its place. There is no real recommended min pin force for the main loop.

As you can see, if you use a non-recommended size main for your particular Micron or V3 you run some risks that may in fact affect performance.


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