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DougH  (D License)

Jul 16, 2013, 6:38 AM

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Re: [grue] Video: knocked unconcious in freefall, minor injuries

grue wrote:
I don't know what comes into play with crossbraced twitchy pocket rocket vs smaller reserve, hypothetically, but someone who jumps one of those might be able to chime in.

I will take any open canopy over none, especially since my AAD is out my rig and needs to be sent out for service! Bad ass flying on the part of his two friends.

The being said if I could take my cake and eat it too I would want my 110 Smart reserve over my 104 elliptical.

I just think it is much more likely to have a better landing under the reserve if your still unconscious, or out of it enough that the brakes stay stowed and you land with no flare. The reserve is going to be more forgiving of an uneven body position that is slumped over in the harness.

With a small pocket rocket, and a slumped over jumper you run the risk of diving line twist, or even just a harness turn that would build up a huge amount of vertical speed before impact.

But again before some one jumps down my throat, I would take any open canopy, and it may just end up being that the main is the easiest for someone to get to.

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