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ChrisHoward  (D 28490)

Jul 6, 2013, 6:16 AM

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Re: [jono] Premature from a helicopter

jono wrote:
I hear what you are saying but I reckon it was a premature PC deployment.

I initially thought the same but after watching it again it looks like you can see the DBag most of the way to line stretch before the PC appears, so either the jumper deployed the PC after the out of sequence opening or the force of the horseshoe pulled the PC from the BOC.
I think that if the PC deployed first it would A) be visible in the first screen shot of the DBag and B) it would have had that DBag off the canopy much faster than what is apparent in the video.

Edit to Add: Around 3-4 seconds you can just make out the black DBag hanging below the skid (it is blocked from view most of the time by the skid) and the red bridle stretched tight back towards the jumper. It's nearly another 5 seconds before the PC appears in the video.

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