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popsjumper  (D 999999999)

May 23, 2013, 9:56 AM

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Re: [hedge] two out main and reserve entanglment

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I agree on the second part of your post, this kind of attitude keeps me learning. If I thought I knew "so much", I wouldn't strive to learn more.
I don't see much learning going on. I see a blind insistence that your one procedure is the proper procedure.

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I am posting here because I have gained a fair bit of experience in that matter through last years incident at our dropzone,
Sorry, your definition of "experience" is quite different than mine, and I'd venture to presume, most others as well.

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Not that I'm claiming I know better with my low jump-count. I said it already, I have a friend that can't jump anymore because she didn't pull her cutawayhandle - her main inflated at 200ft and immediately went into a downplane. She had no chance to do anything.
You mistakenly assume that the proper time for her to cutaway the main was prior to reserve deployment. You mistakenly assume that a downplane at 200ft is too late to cutaway under a functional reserve.

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I wouldn't even question what you are saying. But...

This is why I posted about the learning.

Now for another learning o0pportunity:

Question and food for thought - should your main, for whatever reason, get entangled with your reserve and chokes it off, what is YOUR plan B...what are YOU going to do?

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