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airtwardo  (D License)

May 22, 2013, 10:12 AM

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Re: [hedge] two out main and reserve entanglment

hedge wrote:
Good food for thought in here, I like that, thanks guys.

Regarding cutting away with nothing out and the risk of not being able to control the main once it's cutaway. If the main is still in the container, and pops when the reserve packjob leaves the container, there is no need to control a canopy, theres "only" a POD on a pilot-chute coming out. I would consider it very unlikely that a cut away main inside a pod has any chance to inflate (let's consider a standard pod with rubber-stowed lines).
Maybe worth to mention, although not safety related, you might have a hard time finding your canopy if it's still in the dbag ... I know two people who lost their canopies that way, including the guy I mentioned earlier with the ripped pullout-chord.

Other than that you guys provided some very good points, will for sure spend some thoughts on them!

If the main comes out while under the reserve...Odds are it'll open, make no mistake about that. will take a little time to do so, one can elect to cut it away at that point providing it's not interfering with the reserve & doing so won't end up possibly causing a choke off or entanglement.

If you're not quick and right - you then are facing a bi-plane or a down plane...your best option is to do everything possible to keep yourself from ever getting in that position in the 1st place.

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