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May 22, 2013, 3:55 AM

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Re: [airbornesoon] two out main and reserve entanglment

airbornesoon wrote:
we were taught that if you look up and see nothing to pull reserve. only cut away if something is there. which i did. after i looked up and seen there wasnt anything there i reached back and hit the container twice and knew the DBag was still in there so i pulled reserve...

I would strongly suggest you rethink that procedure. We had a nearly fatal incident at our dropzone last year, when a girl (500+ jumps in 3 years) didn't cutaway because there was nothing out (pilot chute in tow). Her reserve opened fine, but when she entered final her main chute decided to open, and immediately formed a down-plane. She didn't have a single chance to react and impacted hard. Lots of broken bones and lucky not to be paralyzed, yet even more lucky to be even alive!!

ALWAYS do the full procedure, cutaway first, no matter if theres anything out or not!!! Once you are under your reserve, you definately don't want your main anymore, so better make sure it's cutaway!

If your dbag stays inside, everything is fine even if you don't cutaway, but if your main decides to come out after the reserve came out you are very close to - or like in your case - in the deep shit!

Once your reserve is out of the container, the whole force distribution of your container changes, and it's very likely that your main comes out by itself.
I've seen that live once, while doing camera. Ripped Pull-Out-Chord, container was still closed, looks like pin still locking the loop on the video, but as soon as the reserve hit linestrech, the pull-out-PC of the main container came out and the main flew down, still locked in the dbag, dragging the fully inflated pilot chute behind it. If the jumper didn't cutaway, he would have had a two out situation. You definately don't want a two out situation.

Again, teaching people it is not needed to cutaway when theres nothing out is potentially dangerous!!!

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