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May 17, 2013, 9:00 PM

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Re: [billvon] Why I don't hook up my RSL

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There are plenty of people who know that a Pilot 140 would be safer than their Katana 97. (And there are a lot more reasons for that, and a lot more incidents that prove that upsizing is even more important than using an RSL.) But they choose to not use the Pilot 140.

Quite right! We all make decisions that result in more or less risk than we might otherwise face. For many, the thrill of a fast canopy outweighs the very definite increase in risk. I am willing to face the risk of my own failure to pull the reserve, but not willing to let an RSL cause problems. Given my other choices, of docile canopies, low WL, not swooping (I don't even use front risers), metal reserve handle...As Billvon implies, my choices I think result in me continuing to accumulate more years of staying above ground level and walking without a limp than the common choice to pursue high performance landings. Instead of expending effort to promote RSLs, we should change the culture that expects a fast increase of WL so as not to be bored.

My memory from threads years ago is that even the old guy with the big beard doesn't like a conventional RSL.

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