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May 17, 2013, 7:12 AM

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Re: [Divalent] Why I don't hook up my RSL

Either way, no one is well served by having information hidden from them. However, included in that information is the likelihood of its happening.

I'm from the days when only students used Stevens systems (that should date me if nothing else Laugh). I've proven entirely too repeatedly that I can use my reserve. When I got back into jumping a number of years ago, I immediately had the RSL taken off the rig I bought.

Then I put it back on again a couple of years after that. To me, the biggest reason to have an RSL isn't to ensure that the reserve is pulled. The biggest reason is to ensure that in the event I mess around with my main when I shouldn't I have a little bit more effective altitude in my pocket. I haven't done that, I hope I don't. But after a couple of low-cutaway incidents a number of years ago, I decided that was the most likely RSL-involved situation I was likely to find myself in. People do, in fact, mess around with almost-fixable mains for too long -- it happens a couple of times each year, and often one of those is fatal. I'm sure none of those people intended to mess around with their almost-fixable main for too long, it just happened.

It's not a serious enough consideration for me to get a Skyhook, nor is it a serious enough consideration for me to start opening at 4,000 feet or something to ensure more time.

There are lots and lots of tradeoffs in the sport. Sundevil has some valid considerations, it's just that he assigns more importance to them than to others. I assign a different value to them.

But hiding them serves no one.

Wendy P.

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