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Apr 23, 2013, 12:44 PM

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Re: [JohnSherman] Cutaway cable cleaning mistake

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Is the red cable obtainable in small lots?
Yes Contact:

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Thank you for this information. Do all manufacturers use the "Red" cable now ?

If not, would you happen to know why?

No they don't, I don't know why. But I do know we are the only ones using it as we have to have it custom made. Maybe ask one of them and see if they have even heard of it. If they have be ready for some of the best BS you hve ever heard.

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My memory is that the red cable was said (by some, obviously not the folks at Jump Shack), that it was not as rigid and would therefore be deflected more by the tension of the white loop. that deflection is of course one factor in the force required to operate the release.

Wow! I hadn't heard that one. It's amazing what some people will say to sell a rig. The core wire of the Red coated cable is the same core wire as the yellow. The rigidity is the same.

Other mfgs have obviously heard of the red coated cable, as shown from the previous link to an old thread. I think you do your reputation unnecessary harm by these dismissive statements.

The rigidity of the cable depends on the inner core and the outer layer. Is it possible that the yellow coating is more rigid than the red? Perhaps my memory is wrong about this aspect of claimed rigidity difference.

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