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Mar 27, 2013, 1:00 PM

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Re: [JohnSherman] The Z-hills Double Fatal Speculation Thread

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I don't use an aad but it seems like it would be safer for those things to fire at 1000 ft. I guess it could cause more two outs but I would rather have two out than one at line stretch.

Your post gives me an excuse to follow up on a post in the original thread.
On that thread I Posted on post #130:

How about raising activation heights to 1500 feet for students and 1000 feet for expert .. add extra margin of safety. why 750 feet ? hang on I think mr Booth has already raised this !!
I replied:

"When you understand the problem you will understand that raising the altitude will not help. Those reserves wouldn't open in 2000 feet.
If you can't get the bag out of the container you can't get the canopy out of the bag."

From that post I recieved several PM's asking why I thought that way. I answered with references to the balance of evidence. However I failed to refer to the best proof, "the eye in the sky". for that I make amens here by reposting the fololowing link:

I've wondered about your cryptic commentary for a couple days now. I'm tired of the guessing game. Is it the container? The reserve pilot chute? The construction of the reserve pack tray, the size of the reserve in the container or none of the above. I'll not send you a PM but what exactly are you saying?

Does anything you've commented on have anything to do whatsoever with this incident? ....and if so, how and why?

The video I'd classify as an isolated incident, with two jumpers, jumping different gear it's even more of an anomaly.

Factually the distance of the two jumpers in relation to where they landed leads me to believe they were both very close, almost hands on. For student and instructor to travel from iceland I'd think the instructor thought he wasn't going to lose a student at zhills.

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